December 3, 2020

ACC v1.6 Setup Release Notes

The Coach Dave team continues to extensively test our setup packages for every car and track in ACC v1.6, which features a new tire and improved aero physics. Our testing has involved 3 professional test drivers and 4 sim racing engineers testing 6 hours per day. It’s an extensive effort.

Car Index

The general consensus amongst my team is that the new update has improved the feel of the sim but not fundamentally affected setups. If a setup uses an exploit in the game then you’re in trouble, this has been something we have tried our best to avoid since day one of Coach Dave Academy. It’s the reason we employ real-life engineers to help us make setups.

The biggest change we have felt is getting the tires into their operating window, it definitely takes longer now and can influence your feeling during the first few laps out the pits. Work has primarily focused on this area, but it does depend on the car/track combination.

Our philosophy is fairly simple: If we feel changes are necessary, we will make them, if not we will leave the original Coach Dave setup untouched.

If a car setup has been changed we add a new setup to the track folder with a postfix ‘2020’. You can read more about our file naming conventions here.

Below is a report that will be constantly update, containing information on each car we have completed so far during our testing program:

Porsche 991.2 GT3 R

Overall the Porsche 991.2 GT3 R behaves with a lot of predictability. Some slight imbalances with higher speed corners were fixed through pitch control/ride height/wing level but fundamentally the setups were very much unchanged.

The 2020 BOP seems to have shifted its strengths at different circuits that we have tried so far. The big benefit it has post-patch over pre-patch is the increase in low-speed traction and consistency.

TrackChangesRace SetupQuali Setup
Brands HatchYesAeroAero
Laguna SecaYesDampers, SuspensionDampers, Geometry, Mechanical
KyalamiYesNo changes necessaryAero, Suspension 
MonzaYes Suspension, AeroSuspension, Aero 
NurburgringYesGeometry, Suspension, AeroGeometry, Suspension, Aero
Paul RicardYesMechanicalMechanical, Aero
SilverstoneYesNo changes necessaryAero 
Spa FrancorchampsYesDampers, Suspension, Mechanical, AeroDampers, Mechanical, Aero, Geometry
SuzukaYesSuspension, Dampers, MechanicalSuspension, Dampers, Mechanical, Aero
ZolderYesNo changes necessarySuspension

Ferrari 488 GT3 2018 (non-Evo)

The Ferrari 488 GT3 2018 appears to be slower than pre-patch on the same circuits, this includes both 2019/2020 and IGTC circuits. Given our extensive testing pre-patch, we have enough data to understand why:

On all tracks, the car’s acceleration phase-out of all corners is slower than before however generally achieves the same top speed at the end of the straights as pre-patch.

In our testing, we have found that this lack of pace is not down to the setups given we are running the same wing/ride height levels, car handling and balance still feel very good, in some cases better on the new tire. We suspect the new aero calculations in v1.6, and BOP adjustments, have affected the acceleration and therefore lap time.

TrackChangedRace SetupQuali Setup
Brands HatchYesElectronicsElectronics
Laguna SecaNo
MonzaYesGeometry No changes necessary
Paul RicardNo
SilverstoneYesAero, Suspension, Dampers No changes necessary
Spa FrancorchampsNo
SuzukaYesDampers Dampers

Mercedes AMG GT3 2015

Overall the Mercedes AMG GT3’s setups didn’t change from the 2019 to 2020 tires. At certain tracks, we have tweaked tire pressures and made fixes damping.

The pace of the car still seems competitive, but on some tracks, it loses out a lot. We think this comes down to the BoP changes. The car has definitely become easier to drive with the new 2020 tires as it allows you to be more aggressive with the rear on corner entry. The TC also seems to have improved as it would no longer let the revs jump or leave tire marks on the track.

TrackChangedRace SetupQuali Setup
BathurstYesAero, Geometry Aero, Geometry
Brands HatchYesDampers Brake Ducts 
Laguna SecaNo
KyalamiYesAero, Geometry Aero, Geometry 
MisanoYesDampers Dampers 
Paul RicardYesBrake ducts 
Spa FrancorchampsYesDampers, Suspension, Aero
ZandvoortYesDampers, ElectronicsDampers, Electronics
ZolderYesDampers, ElectronicsDampers, Electronics

Aston Martin Vantage V8 GT3

The Aston Martin Vantage V8 GT3 didn’t need big adjustments overall. Balance and driving wise the car didn’t suffer much from the V1.6 update. The biggest improvement which we have done on the pre-patch setups was improving the damper histograms in Motec.

The car suffered a little bit with traction on every track which we solved mainly by adjusting the rear ride height and increasing the traction control.

TrackChangedRace SetupQuali Setup
BarcelonaYesBrake ducts, Dampers, MechanicalDampers
BathurstYesElectronics, DampersElectronics
Brands HatchYesAero, DampersAero, Electronics, Brake ducts
HungaroringYesDampersBrake Ducts, Electronics
Laguna SecaYesDampers, GeometryBrake ducts
KyalamiYesElectronics, DampersBrake ducts
MisanoYesElectronicsElectronics, Brake ducts
MonzaYesElectronics, Brake ducts, DampersElectronics, Brake ducts
NurburgringYesSuspension, ElectronicsElectronics
Paul RicardYesNoneBrake ducts
Spa FrancorchampsYesElectronicsElectronics
SuzukaYesDampers, Electronics Brake ducts 
ZandvoortYesDampers, Electronics None
ZolderYesDampers, Electronics Electronics, Brake ducts

Bentley Continental GT3 2018

Overall the Bentley Continental GT3 2018 hasn’t changed much. The car still has the exact same pace on most tracks and t’s handling characteristics remained similar. Small tweaks to the suspension and improving the damper histograms were almost universal across most circuits to keep the car in a more consistent window. 

The biggest difference we have noticed is in the Traction Control. The TC is less prone to bogging the car down or letting it jump on higher revs. With this, you can exit corners faster than before which can definitely make the car more competitive on short & twisty tracks.

TrackChangedRace SetupQuali Setup
BarcelonaYesDampers, Suspension, ElectronicsDampers, Suspension, Electronics
BathurstYesDampers, Suspension, Electronics, AeroDampers, Electronics
Brands HatchYesDampers, Suspension, ElectronicsSuspension, Electronics
HungaroringYesDampers, Suspension, ElectronicsDampers, Suspension, Electronics
Laguna SecaYesDampers, Suspension, ElectronicsDampers, Suspension, Electronics
KyalamiYesDampers, SuspensionDampers, Suspension, Aero, Geometry
MisanoYesDampers, Suspension, ElectronicsDampers, Suspension, Electronics
MonzaYesDampers, SuspensionGeometry
NurburgringYesDampers, SuspensionDampers
Paul RicardYesDampers, SuspensionDampers, Geometry
SilverstoneYesDampers, SuspensionDampers, Suspension, Geometry
Spa FrancorchampsYesDampers, Aero, Suspension, Geometry, Electronics Electronics
SuzukaYesAero, Dampers, Suspension Dampers, Suspension
ZandvoortYesDampers, SuspensionDampers, Suspension
ZolderYesDampers, Suspension, ElectronicsDampers, Suspension, Electronics


Overall the Audi R8 GT3 EVO didn’t change it´s car characteristics/feeling on track. Most of the setups only needed slight adjustments like tyre pressures, dampers and brake ducts. Nevertheless, some of the pre-patch setups, especially on tracks with fast corners where you need to apply quick braking/steering lock, were not driveable.

The issue in the setups was aero related. By changing the front/rear ride height to create a more conservative rake the issue was solved.

TrackChangedRace SetupQuali Setup
BathurstYesAero, DampersAero
Brands HatchYesAero, DampersAero
HungaroringYesAero, SuspensionAero, Suspension
Laguna SecaYesDampers
KyalamiYesBrake Ducts
MonzaYesBrake Bias, DampersBrake Bias
NurburgringYesBrake Ducts
Paul RicardYesAeroAero
Spa FrancorchampsYesAero, SuspensionSuspension
SuzukaYesAero, DampersAero, Dampers
ZandvoortYesBrake Ducts
ZolderYesBrake BiasBrake Bias

McLaren 720s GT3

Overall the characteristics of the McLaren 720s GT3 are still the same as it was pre V1.6. The biggest difference was that due to the reworked aero-physics the car couldn’t run as aggressive aero balance as before.

By applying damper tweaks on almost every circuit we also made a massive improvement to the mechanical grip of the car and kerb behaviour. We saw no major differences in lap time to the pre-patch lap times completed. 

TrackChangedRace SetupQuali Setup
BarcelonaYesDamper, Electronics
BathurstYesDampers, Brake Ducts, ElectronicsDamper, Electronics
Brands HatchYesDampersDampers
Laguna SecaYesDampers, Aero, SuspensionDampers, Aero, Suspension
MisanoYesDampers, AeroDampers, Aero
MonzaYesDampers, Aero, Suspension, Brake DuctsDampers, Aero, Brake Ducts
NurburgringYesDampers, AeroDampers, Aero
Paul RicardYesDampers, Aero, Suspension, Brake DuctsDampers, Aero, Suspension, Brake Ducts
SilverstoneYesBrake Bias, Brake Ducts
Spa FrancorchampsYesDampers, Aero, Suspension, MechanicalSuspension
SuzukaYesDampers, AeroDampers
ZandvoortYesDampers, AeroDampers

Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3

Overall the Nissan GT-R GT3 hasn’t changed much since the V1.6 update. The setups were unchanged on some tracks. The only big difference we have noticed was the different behaviour at some tracks regarding the bumpstop range.

This might be due to a bumpstop calculation rework from late 2020. The same goes for the dampers as we had to reconfigure the dampers on every track, especially the rear.

Laptime wise we have seen a reduction in pace for the car, predominantly at some of the european circuits on the 2020 BOP.

TrackChangedRace SetupQuali Setup
BarcelonaYesAero, Suspension, Mechanical, Electronics, DampersDampers 
BathurstYesDampers, ElectronicsDampers, Electronics
Brands HatchYesDampers, Suspension, MechanicalDampers, Suspension, Mechanical
HungaroringYesDampers, ElectronicsDampers, Electronics
Laguna SecaYesDampers, Electronics, AeroDampers, Electronics
KyalamiYesDampers, ElectronicsDampers, Electronics
MisanoYesDampers Dampers 
MonzaYesDampers Dampers 
NurburgringYesDampers, ElectronicsElectronics
Paul RicardYesDampers, Suspension, AeroDampers, Suspension, Aero
SilverstoneYesDampers, ElectronicsDampers, Electronics
Spa FrancorchampsYesDampers Dampers 
SuzukaYesDampers, Suspension, AeroDampers, Suspension, Aero, Mechanical
ZandvoortYesDampers, Suspension, ElectronicsDampers, Electronics
ZolderYesDampers, Suspension, MechanicalDampers, Suspension, Aero

Lamborghini Huracan GT3 EVO

Overall the Lamborghini Huracan GT3 Evo didn’t lose its main characteristics with the V1.6 update. It’s still really strong under braking and really competitive at the tracks where it was also really good before the V1.6 patch.

However, most of the setups needed aero adjustments because the aero configuration was too aggressive for the new aero physics adjustments.Car appears to be a little slower overall than pre patch at some circuits.

TrackChangedRace SetupQuali Setup
BarcelonaYesAero, GeometryGeometry
BathurstYesAero, Geometry, Mechanical, DampersMechanical
Brands HatchYesAero, GeometryAero
HungaroringYesAero, DampersAero, Dampers
Laguna SecaYesMechanicalMechanical
MisanoYesAero, Geometry, Mechanical, DampersAero, Geometry
MonzaYesAero, Electronics
NurburgringYesAero, Mechanical, ElectronicsBrake Ducts
Paul RicardYesGeometryGeometry, Electronics
SilverstoneYesAero, GeometryAero, Geometry
Spa FrancorchampsNo
SuzukaYesMechanical, Geometry, DampersAero, Dampers, Mechanical
ZolderYesAero, Mechanical, GeometryAero

Lexus RC F GT3

Overall the Lexus RC F GT3 has not seen much change going from the 2019 BoP to the 2020 BoP. The car still has the same strong pace on most of the tracks. In the handling we can also see that the new DHE tyres have not made much change to the car’s characteristics, resulting in us not having to make big changes to the car’s existing setups.

On the tracks we had some changes, it was mostly down to the new aero calculations. This caused the car to develop some understeer going into high speed corners. The damper rework from late 2020 has also seen us adjust and fix the damper histograms on every track.

TrackChangedRace SetupQuali Setup
BarcelonaYesDampers, Mechanical, Aero, ElectronicsDampers
BathurstYesGeometry, Brake Ducts, ElectronicsGeometry, Brake Ducts, Electronics
Brands HatchYesDampers, Aero, ElectronicsDampers, Aero, Electronics
HungaroringYesDampers, ElectronicsDampers, Electronics
Laguna SecaYesBrake Ducts, ElectronicsBrake Ducts, Electronics
KyalamiYesDampers, Electronics, Brake DuctsDampers, Electronics, Brake Ducts, Aero
MonzaYesDampersDampers, Aero
NurburgringYesDampers, AeroDampers
Paul RicardYesDampersDampers, Aero
SilverstoneYesDampers, ElectronicsDampers, Electronics
Spa FrancorchampsYesDampersDampers
SuzukaYesDampers, Brake DuctsDampers, Brake Ducts
ZandvoortYesDampers, Aero, SuspensionDampers, Electronics
ZolderYesAero, Dampers, Geometry, Mechanical, Suspension, Electronics Dampers, Geometry, Mechanical, Electronics, Suspension, Aero

Honda NSX GT3 Evo

Overall the Honda NSX GT3 EVO still has the same driving characteristics as it had pre patch. However with the 2020 BOP the car has more rear grip which allows it to put the power better down without the tc intervening too much. We also found out that the braking performance improved slightly at the tracks where the 2020 BOP is applied. On the IGTC tracks however the car still feels mostly the same as pre patch (braking performance).

With the new introduced aero physics we had to change the rake at every track as the previous values caused instability. In addition to that we found that every setup had an understeer tendency midcorner onwards which was solved by stiffening the rear end of the car, whereas response was improved by stiffening the front of the car and front suspension at certain circuits.

TrackChangedRace SetupQuali Setup
BarcelonaYesDampers, Mechanical, Aero, Electronics Dampers, Mechanical, Aero, Electronics 
BathurstYesAero, Electronics, DampersGeometry, Electronics, Mechanical, Suspension, Dampers, Aero
Brands HatchYesMechanical Mechanical, Geometry, Electronics 
HungaroringYesSuspension, Aero, Mechanical Electronics
Laguna SecaYesAero, Suspension, MechanicalElectronics
MisanoYesAero, MechanicalAero, Mechanical
MonzaYesMechanicalAero, Mechanical, Suspension
NurburgringYesAero, MechanicalAero, Electronics
Paul RicardYesSuspension, Mechanical, Geometry, AeroMechanical
SilverstoneYesAero, MechanicalMechanical
Spa FrancorchampsYesAero, Mechanical, Dampers, SuspensionAero, Mechanical, Dampers, Suspension, Electronics
SuzukaYesAero, Dampers, Mechanical Dampers
ZandvoortYesAero, MechanicalElectronics
ZolderYesAero, ElectronicsAero, Electronics


Overall the BMW M6 GT3 didn’t lose its main characteristics with the V1.6 update. It is still very strong at Monza, Suzuka and Laguna Seca. However with the 2020 BOP the car suffers even more on tracks where it wasn’t already competitive with the 2019 BOP.

The general trend of issues we found while updating the setups was mainly understeer from the mid-corner phase onwards, which we fixed with suspension/mechanical alterations. Stability was achieved by adjusting the aero. 

TrackChangedRace SetupQuali Setup
BarcelonaYesAero, Dampers, Mechanical, Geometry 
Brands HatchYesAero, Mechanical, Dampers
HungaroringYesAero, DampersAero
Laguna SecaYesAero, MechanicalMechanical 
MisanoYesDampers, Suspension, Mechanical Aero
MonzaYesAero, SuspensionAero, Suspension
NurburgringYesAero, Dampers
Paul RicardYesAero, SuspensionSuspension
SilverstoneYesDampers, Suspension, Mechanical Mechanical 
Spa FrancorchampsYesAero
ZandvoortYesDampers, Mechanical 
ZolderYesAero, Suspension, Mechanical, DampersAero, Suspension, Mechanical, Dampers

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