America DLC Bundles for all GT3 cars are complete

Today is an exciting day at Coach Dave Academy, as we annouce the release of all 6 remaining GT3 Setup Bundles for the America DLC!

With the release of the American Track Pack DLC just 3 weeks ago, the one piece of the puzzle left for ACC drivers was the setups, but not anymore! After releasing 4 different Setup Bundles last week, we’re over the moon to announce that we’ve got SIX heading your way this week, meaning no matter which car you prefer on the GT3 rostrum, we’ve got you covered.

Finishing off the GT3 releases

We’ve been turning up the heat behind the scenes, as our team of engineers has been working at the top of their game to bring you 6 new America DLC Bundles, rounding out our initial GT3 releases. 

Available now to buy as car/track combos individually, as a DLC bundle or as part of our ACC Setup Subscription, here are the cars in this week’s releases:

  • Audi R8 GT3 Evo II
  • Mercedes-AMG GT3 Evo
  • Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3
  • Lamborghini Huracan GT3 Evo
  • Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT3
  • Lexus RC F GT3

So, no matter what car you’d like to take out to either of the three new iconic American circuits, we can hook you up with race and qualifying setups! 

The contents of each bundle

  • 3 tracks are included in each car America DLC bundle: COTA, Watkins Glen and Indianapolis 
  • Like existing bundles, there is a qualifying and race setup for each circuit meaning 6 setups in total 
  • Motec data for both qualifying and the race included for each circuit

What’s the cost?

Just like with our prior releases of the America Track Pack DLC Bundles, the pricing will mirror that of our British GT bundles. As a result, the full car bundle including setups and Motec data for the 3 new America DLC circuits will cost £6.99, with the isolated 1 track and 1 car combination bundles coming in at £5.99.

To pick up any of the 6 new Bundles, hit the buttons below.

Whilst you can of course buy the Bundles individually, they’ve also been added to our setup database, accessible to those of you subscribed to our monthly ACC Setup Subscription. If you haven’t already got yourself signed up for our Setup Subscription, you can head to the button below to find out more about it. Those of you who are avid ACC players will certainly get your money’s worth.

Furthermore, all of these new releases will have reflective hotlaps uploaded to the Coach Dave Academy YouTube channel as soon as they are ready to go.

What order are we releasing the cars in? 

In order to keep things as organised as possible, we will be working on one car at a time on all 3 circuits and then releasing completed bundles for those cars each Thursday, just like we do with the CDA3 updates right now. The order of cars we will be working through is as follows: 


  1. Continental GT3 – Released 
  2. McLaren 720s GT3 – Released 
  3. Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO – Released
  4. BMW M4 GT3 – Released
  5. Porsche GT3 R Released
  6. Audi R8 GT3 EVO 2 – Released
  7. Mercedes AMG GT3 EVO – Released
  8. Honda NSX GT3 EVO 2 – Released
  9. Lamborghini Huracan EVO – Released
  10. Aston Martin V8 Vantage – Released
  11. Nissan GTR – Released
  12. Lexus RC F – Released


  1. Porsche Cayman
  2. BMW M4
  3. Aston Vantage GT4
  4. Chevrolet Camaro
  5. Mercedes-AMG
  6. Ginetta G55
  7. Alpine A110
  8. McLaren 570S 
  9. Audi R8 

Single Make Cars

  1. Porsche Cup 
  2. BMW M2 CS
  3. Ferrari 488 Challenge EVO 2 
  4. Lambo Huracan ST EVO 2

So with the GT3s out the way, now it’s onto the GT4 America DLC releases!

Coach Dave Time Attack Lap Guide

On Monday David Perel once again headed to the track in the Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo, this time to turn some laps around Indianapolis. Another of the newest circuits to ACC, it’s taking pride of place as one of the Coach Dave Time Attack S3 host circuits, as Week 2 of the qualification rounds sees drivers head to the Brickyard’s infield. If you want to pick up some nifty tips and tricks, make sure you check out his short guide below.

That’s it from us at Coach Dave Academy for the week, but keep an eye on our Discord announcements for our future releases, and of course, we hope you enjoy the new content!

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Looking for super fast ACC car setups?

Gain the upper hand with super fast Assetto Corsa Competizione setups, developed by Pro Sim Drivers.

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America DLC Bundles for all GT3 cars are complete
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