Our Story

Hi there, my name is David Perel. The founder of the Coach Dave Academy.

Throughout my life I have been crazy about video games, in particular racing games. It started with Gran Turismo and slowly expanded to more hardcore simulators like rFactor and netKar Pro.

While my passion for sim racing blossomed, I fought tooth and nail for over 15 years to become a real life racing driver. These days I am lucky enough to call myself a Professional Racing Driver, competing for Ferrari customer GT teams around the world at events such as Le Mans, GT World Challenge, Spa 24 and more.

When I started karting I didn’t have the money to go testing at the race track. But, from the moment I picked up my Playstation 1 remote and turned on Gran Turismo, The Real Driving Simulator, I came to the realisation that video games could improve my real world driving skills.

Around the time of Gran Turismo 4 I started to take this idea more seriously, spending hours doing laps, refining my craft in the hope that I could improve in the real world.

“It has always been a dream of mine to blend the world of real racing and sim racing together.”

To this day I continue to rely on my simulator to help improve my speed, race craft and mental approach.

It has always been a dream of mine to blend the world of real racing and sim racing together. Proving that they compliment each other.

The journey to becoming a professional was not an easy one, so to earn a living I started a YouTube channel about sim/real racing and quietly began coaching sim drivers in my spare time. As I signed up more and more clients I had ambitions to turn my coaching into something bigger.

Then the Covid hit and I again found myself without a drive as all forms of motorsport came to a sudden halt. There was a silver lining though, because almost out of nowhere Sim Racing started to become more acceptable to mainstream drivers and media.

And so the Coach Dave Academy was born.

I have managed to gather a group of incredibly talented drivers and engineers to bring Academy students the best quality coaching, car setups and engineering sessions.

These days Coach Dave has evolved from a coaching website to a full blown tech company that develops ‘Delta’, our app used by thousands of sim driver, that provides lap time tracking, driving telemetry, and professional setups for multiple games.

It’s my pleasure to have created a home for sim racers of all levels to improve their skills and speed in their favourite racing games.

David Perel
Founder of the Coach Dave Academy
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