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Improve your sim racing skillset by getting world class coaching from professional and sim racers. Improve your lap times, consistency, and your race craft after just one hour of coaching. We offer coaching for Assetto Corsa Competizione and iRacing.

Dominate your league, improve your rankings, and learn the secrets of ACC.

Learn the details and unique driving styles of iRacing and climb the ranks in seasonal events.

Is Coaching right for you?

Book a driving lesson if you want to advance your driving skills and take your craft to the next level, regardless of whether you’re just starting out or already have some experience under your belt.







World-class coaching in your language


Our coaching is useful for drivers of all skill levels. We have coached novices, professionals and even Formula 1 drivers. No matter your level in Sim Racing, we can help you improve.

Data or Video

$40 ex VAT

Send us your saved data and onboard lap and let our Coaches analyse your lap and driving technique by comparing it to our professional data. Receive an analysis by Voice Chat or Email.

One on One

$100 ex VAT

Let us help you identify areas of your driving that you can improve on. Learn how to self evaluate by going back to the basics.


“The Academy provided me with the skills to analyse my own driving and it paid dividends immediately.”

“Just wanted to say thanks again, could improve my driving a lot and especially much more consistency and of course also one lap pace. Not at your alien times yet, but already Spa a 2.17.4 and Nürburgring a 1.54.4. And most importantly, I can now see how/where I'm losing time, I could easily do 0.5 more everywhere if everything fits, but I can also see how I can gain another second, but practice practice practice.”
“That was fantastic Gregor, thank you. I came in thinking I was ok at racing, but I am happy to accept I have a lot to learn. I will work hard on this!”
“The knowledge I gained after my first Coach Dave session has been priceless.”
“David provided unique insight from his career and gave me an analytical narrative of the 'what and why' of driving technique in digestible fragments. I'd absolutely recommend Coach Dave Academy to anyone looking to both improve their racing.”
“What a great experience! As close as you can get to having a private track day with a pro driver. Dave helped me to understand where I needed improvement, and his communication and methods for teaching are excellent. It is so interesting to get the real-world examples and experiences mixed in.”
“From my very first session with Coach Dave, I've scored my first fastest lap, a win, and a podium finish in my first FIA race.”
“The approach is very 'hands-on' so you learn and discuss as you drive. At the beginning of the lesson I lapped 1:40.1, while he was lapping 1:36.7, after 80 mins of coaching I started lapping 1:38.4, my best ever time. David knew what I was doing helped me gain more time and consistency.”

One on One Sessions

The one-on-one session is 60 minutes long and comprises of the following format:

  • 3 Warm Up Laps to get the blood flowing and calm any potential nerves.
  • 2 Instructor Laps where you follow me slowly around the track as I discuss the fundamentals of driving and going faster.
  • 2 Spectator Laps where I go into more detail about the specific track we use for training.
  • The remainder of the session you will drive on your own in 5 lap runs. After each run we discuss areas where I believe you can improve.

Coaching Style

Our coaching style is very much focused on the fundamentals of driving. For example we will not tell you to brake at a specific pixel on the screen but instead explain why you should be braking at certain points. The theory of driving is a huge passion of mine and we want to share that with as many people as possible.

Session Notes

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