Just bought the subscription and downloaded the Bentley setups for Monza. After the outlap and first lap I did a 1:49.5 which wasn’t as clean as I’d have liked but I was blown away because on my own setups and aggressive default I’d be doing 1:51s and high 1:50s on a lucky day. These setups are amazing! I know I can definitely push into the 1:48s which weren’t possible for me before even after 400hrs on the game.

I’m a 60 year old Corporate Finance executive who is a bit obsessed with ACC sim racing and setup theory. I’ve been following your work and your words in the CDA Discord setup channel for a while, and I wanted to reach out to tell you that your articulation of technical content, your always courteous approach, and your commitment to customer service and satisfaction is simply outstanding!

I’m loving the setups! I’m a total scrub and your setups allow me to spend more of my practice time on the track instead of in the pause menu. This wouldn’t be possible if I wasn’t so confident in the setups. My subscription is worth every penny!

Loving the new subscription service to all the car set ups really helps to be able to take snippets from them to add to my own set ups to improve the cars handling etc.

I am getting real benefits from my subscription but I'm not using iracing settings at all..I only use ACC. But they have massively improved my driving and I appreciate that.

Hello, I using your setups for all my cars in ACC. What can I say, all of them like a masterpiece. Good job, well done and thumbs up, at this point!

Dear Coach Dave, Just a note to say your setups do exactly what they say on the tin. After two sessions, I've managed to consistently knock around three tenths off my usual qualifying and race pace and it's really helped me feel the limit of the car. Thanks so much!

I bought your Audi Evo setup package a couple days back, and have just had a quick 45 minute race at Nurburgring as a first time out using the CDA2 setup. It is incredible. Not only does the car feel so much more "communicative" (I can actually feel what it is doing now) but it is allowing me to be much more "aggressive" in a way I've not had the confidence to using other setups, I can attack corners now! The net result is I have bettered my previous PB by over 2 seconds but I am consistent over every lap too. After 45 minutes use! I am so looking forward to trying the other tracks. Incredible work - many thanks!

I just wanted to say THANK YOU! Your set ups have changed ACC for me. I love sim racing, but don't have the time or skill to learn and develop proper set ups. I have bought a few and they're brilliant. I used the McLaren wet set up at Bathurst. Truly amazing and I'm really grateful. I was racing with AI around 90, but now I have to put AI at 100 for a genuine fight. So allow me to just say thank you, love your work."

I just downloaded the Porsche 991 II Setup Pack and had to pause halfway through my first race to say thank you for a great product! I've been playing ACC on Xbox and have been doing 2-3 hour races on Barcelona for days, stubbornly trying to become halfway decent using multiple setups.

Right out of the box, I've been able to consistently run most laps in the 1:46's, regardless of fuel, tire wear, and traffic. That's good for me. Started at the back for a couple of laps to warm the tires and let the ai (95/95) get it together and am now halfway through the pack. The setup is very drivable and great in traffic. Thanks for helping to make this difficult game way more fun!

"My skepticism was answered in the best way possible. I have a lot more testing to do, but my first run in my beloved McLaren 720S GT3 in Assetto Corsa Competizione had me set a personal best by about 1.5 seconds on my first lap. Wow."

Just want to thank you guys for all the work put into the setups. I’m around 2 seconds off your best times since using your setups. It helps me get a better race pace. I race in the championship, midfield (not amongst the aliens in the front😬). But consistency is key and the race setups give me just that!

Buying from worked wonders for me in ACC. My performance in ACC was in a rut and I was getting frustrated with the game. I kept switching between cars every other race and nothing worked for me. When I bought a setup bundle it helped me settle down to one car and focus on it. This worked really well for me and my performance improved a lot, not only raw speed but also consistency. I was still having difficulties, however. To ratify this, I made a support ticket on the website and within a few days, I got a really nice response from Dave himself. He's helped me massively and his customer service is one of the best I have experienced! The setups themselves work great and installing them is really easy. In short, if you want to get a bit more serious in ACC, drive more consistently and consistently faster you need to try a setup bundle from Coach Dave Academy. They will work wonders and if you are a bit underwhelmed or the setups don't work that well for you, Dave will try his absolute best to help you achieve your sim racing prowess.

Hey Team! I just purchased the setup pack for the Aston Martin V8 GT3. Wow.... love it. I have been driving on ACC since September of 2018 and always played with my setups a little. Slowly learning and tweaking. I was very happy as of late with my setups and feel of the car around most of the tracks Today I thought, lets try out Coach Dave Academy setups. I have only tried Spa so far, but wow. excellent work guys. I was comfortable in the low 2:21s to mid 2:20s in race trim. I am now in the mid 2:19s in race and 2:18s on low fuel Quali runs. I am very happy with this. Stability was great, turn in and rotation also great. Once i dialed in my pressures, fantastic. Cant wait to try the rest of the setups over the course of this week and beyond. Thank you again guys and I am looking forward to seeing you (Dave) back on track this year. Cheers from Canada

How did you increase mechanical grip on the front end (I can feel the stability in the wheel) while increasing the overall speed!?! The rear rotates but doesn’t get loose even in the wet with dry tires. Tell your team well done!

The setups have a good balance, especially the race set. Throughout the race it stays the same, no balance shifts, whatsoever. Overall very good setups, way better than the default ones. Great job.

With your qualifying set up at Spa, after 6 laps I beat my previous best time by 3.5s, then after 8 laps just over 4s quicker. Great job guys, thank you! I will certainly be buying more bundles in the future for more cars once I get accustomed to the game.

"So I purchased your car setups about 10 minutes ago. I have been considering purchasing setups for a while now but was skeptical that it would actually help. I can say after only a few laps that they were definitely worth it."

I am a 65-year-old trying to get good at sim racing. I have been racing iRacing for a number of years but focused mainly on ovals. I always told people I can't drive road courses a lick. Now I am trying to buckle down and properly learn road circuits. I am still slow but improving all of the time (at my age, the learning process is a bit slow). But I wanted to tell you how impressed I am with the Coach Dave setups. I bought the whole Mclaren pack. I expected those setups to be super slippery and tail-happy. Nothing could be further from the truth! Of the three or so I tried, I found them to be very well balanced in all phases of the corner. I could trail brake with good control of the back end, and the car felt planted on exit. When I did lose the tail on corner entry or exit, I found the car to be quite savable without a lot of snappiness. Nice work.

"I did practice sessions at 3 tracks namely the Nurburgring, Barcelona and Monza and was over a second quicker per lap at each."

Hi, I want to let you know that I'm very satisfied with the setups. Many pro drivers tell (correctly), that the best option is to create your own setup, but for beginners like me that are still learning and don't have much time to train, it's so difficult to learn sim-driving only 1-2 times a week, given the number of things to learn. Your setups helped me so much in giving stability and consistency to my driving since I started using them so I can concentrate better on learning the basics like racing line, throttle and brake management, and so on, and for the first time, I found some great consistency in my laps. I drive the Audi Evo the most and Barcelona is my "test" track, and even if my best lap is still 2-3s slow compared to the pro (1.45.3), my race pace improved so much from 1.48 with many many risks to an easy 1.46.0 with some fast lap in the high 1.45s without really pushing, and potential of 1.45.0 that I ruined making a mistake in the 3rd sector. I just wanted to give you feedback, thanks for your good work that helps us have some fun driving!

I never enjoyed driving at Barcelona, but the 2020 Bentley setup is so good it's actually nice to drive there. I'm really enjoying this car at this track right now, keep up the awesome work you guys are doing.

Amazingly in just 4 laps with the Spa race setup, I was able to shave a full second off my personal best time and dip into the teens for the 1st time. Wow! Finally, some setups by a real race team, using data analysis and professional driver feedback. Being a 52-year-old wanna-be race car driver, sim racing has been my cost-effective way to accomplish the feelings of "flying on the ground". I have been driving Assetto Corsa Competizione since its initial release and have seen it grow. However, the community seems very tight-lipped about setups and how to get the most out of them. So I never knew if I just didn't have a setup good enough for the pros, until Dave Perel released the track pack for one of my favorite cars to drive in this sim. While I have not had the chance to drive all 15 courses in Dave's setups, from the 6 or so I have tried so far, these setups feel very "in the track" rather than "on the track" giving me the confidence to attack harder and get on the accelerator more quickly for better corner exit speed. Amazingly in just 4 laps with the Spa race setup, I was able to shave a full second off my personal best time and dip into the teens for the 1st time. Looking forward to trying the other setups as soon as time permits.

Just wanted to thank you guys for being so awesome and for being so dedicated to have customers who will gladly return for another purchase and who will recommend you whenever the topic of sim racing comes up. You're the best!

I just finished my first CP race using the Academy Setups and they worked like a charm. The grip pretty much never left the car for the whole race and I managed Pole Position and a third place finish.

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