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Never Lift

Unlock the fundamental rules of driving, improve your lap times, and take a huge step in consistency. Never Lift has been developed by some of the most experienced drivers and coaches in sim racing and is guaranteed to take your driving skills to the next level.

Lesson 1

The Fundamentals of Driving

Lesson 2

Racing Lines

Lesson 3


Lesson 4

Turning & Rotation

Lesson 5


11 Lessons

All our lessons have been written by professional coaches and edited by professional drivers.

Audio Narration

Prefer to learn on the go? We got you covered with audio versions of each lesson.


Beautifully crafted illustrations drive home our lessons in each driving module.


Sometimes a picture is simply the best way to drive home our point.

Lesson 6

Corner Sequences

Lesson 7

How to learn a track

“The Never Lift course from Coach Dave Academy is incredible. There is so much detail that I never considered when working on my lap times. If you are struggling to make a breakthrough with your driving, I highly recommend enrolling!”

Lesson 8

How to lap consistently

Lesson 9

How to improve laptime

“In creating this course I set out to bring together the absolute best sim racing coaches and drivers I know of, in order to share our knowledge beyond the basics of driving.”

Lesson 10

Feeling the car

Lesson 11

The Mental Game


Ready to unlock the secrets in driving? Ready to improve your lap times and consistency? Sign up to the Never Lift course today and gain the unfair advantage.

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Is Never Lift right for you?

This course is the perfect fit if you want to advance your driving skills and take your craft to the next level, regardless of whether you’re just starting out or already have some experience under your belt.







Created by the best coaches in Sim Racing

Suellio Almeida

Porsche Esports Canada Champion, Full-time Sim Racing Coach, worked with more than 2,000 students in iRacing.

Yuri Kasdorp​

Official driver for MOUZ in Rennsport, automotive engineer and sim racing coach on iRacing and rF2. Also produces some of our best track guides.

Gregor Schill

BMW BS+ factory driver and longest serving coach at Coach Dave Academy.

Davin Sturdivant

Kart racer, road racer, owner of the North American Sim Racing Series and coached over 200 drivers in ACC.

James Parker​

Head of the Coach Dave Academy setup team. Winner of the eSRO 2022 Silver Cup.

David Perel​​

Founder of Coach Dave Academy. GT Champion, Spa 24 class Winner, Le Mans Driver. Racing driver for Ferrari Customer GT Teams.

Andrew Rackstraw

Multiple South African circuit racing champion in formula and tin-top cars.

Tristan de Nobrega

Coach at Race Driver SA, responsible for coaching multiple national karting and circuit champions.

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