Asetek & Delta Announce New Partnership For The People

The wheels keep turning for us at Coach Dave Academy as we strive to bring incredible deals and value to having a Coach Dave Delta subscription and today is no exception as we enter into a new partnership agreement with one of the best brands in sim racing.

Asetek SimSport and Coach Dave Delta are both relatively young brands in sim racing and we are honoured to say we are now associated with each other in a way that brings customers even more value. 

It’s fair to say we make vastly different products, but we are very alike in our visions and this is what brought us together. We both value quality and excellence in all of our products above everything else and feel we can combine our products to offer fantastic perks for each other’s customers.

Who Are Asetek SimSport 

Asetek SimSport defines itself with three words – Performance. Precision. Passion. 

They burst onto the scene in 2021 with their state-of-the-art Invicta pedals pushing the limits and redefining what’s possible in sim racing. Since then they have launched a vast range of high-quality products providing various wheels, wheelbases, pedals and more from their 3 main lines, The La Prima, Forte and Invicta. 

They have created an industry-leading quick-release system and adapter that makes it possible to mount any wheel from any manufacturer onto an Asetek SimSport wheelbase. 

For Coach Dave Delta customers

For Coach Dave Delta customers, you now get 10% off all Asetek products, you just need to have either an annual subscription or have been subscribed for more than a rolling 3-month period. 

If you don’t have a Coach Dave Delta subscription at all but you are looking to purchase an Asetek bundle, well you’d now be saving yourself a small fortune. 

Get yourself a 3-month Delta subscription for $30 and you can save upwards of $150+ when purchasing a bundle from Asetek. If you take their Forte bundle as an example, which costs $2,100+ without any discount, after 3 months of being subscribed to Delta, you save $210+. 

This is making economic sense and who knows, you may even love Coach Dave Delta and decide to stay with us for all the other benefits you get.

For Asetek SimSport Customers

For Asetek SimSport customers who are purchasing any product from their extensive range, and who do not have a Coach Dave Delta subscription, you will get yourself 2 months free. 

If you’re purchasing sim racing gear, the likelihood is that you’ll need some setups to help you. Look no further than Coach Dave Academy who can help you get up to speed quicker. 

Coach Dave Academy create professionally made setups for ACC and iRacing that now auto-install every time you enter a session, they offer a professional aftercare service and the Coach Dave Delta app gives you your very own performance engineer. 

How To Redeem Your Discounts

If you are coming through Coach Dave Delta:

  1. You will receive an email within the next 48 hours if you have an annual membership or have been subscribed to Coach Dave Delta for a rolling 3-month period. 
  2. All new annual memberships will also get an automatic email about Asetek SimSport discounts in future.
  3. Any new monthly members who hit a rolling 3-month subscription period on Coach Dave Delta will become eligible and receive an email about Asetek SimSport discounts.

If you are coming through the Asetek SimSport website:

  1. Purchase Asetek SimSport products
  2. Receive an email from Asetek on how to redeem your code
  3. When you have received your 2-month Delta coupon from Asetek head over to the Coach Dave Delta website.
  4. Add a monthly subscription to your cart.
  5. Apply the discount code to the cart and complete the order.
  6. Enjoy 2 months free Coach Dave Delta.

If you buy something from a Coach Dave link, we may earn a commission.

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Looking for super fast ACC car setups?

Gain the upper hand with super fast Assetto Corsa Competizione setups, developed by Pro Sim Drivers.

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Asetek & Delta Announce New Partnership For The People
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