Introducing Coach Dave Delta

We are pleased to announce today a brand new setup application from Coach Dave Academy. This new app, delta, will aim to improve the customer experience and offer many future benefits.

We are always trying to find ways to improve the experience of a sim racing fan. Be it with custom built baseline setups or an entire competition platform that makes it easy to discover and enter online racing events.

However one area which we needed to improve on was downloading and managing setups. With the launch of our Setup Subscription you suddenly got access to over 1000 different setups, but to access them you had to download individual zip files, add them to folders buried in your drive. A nightmare.

Enter Delta from Coach Dave Academy.

What Is Delta? 

The Coach Dave Delta App

Put simply it is a companion app that all Coach Dave Academy subscribers can download for free. Within our new app you will unlock tons of features over the next few months that will improve your experience in Sim Racing:

  • ACC setup syncing 
  • iRacing setup syncing 
  • Motec data downloads 
  • Event calendar syncing for race events and championships on SimGrid and LFM
  • ACC Livery management 
  • Driving data tracking from race events and championships

The long term goal of Delta is to centralise your sim racing experience, so that you can access everything you need in one place under one login without the need to visit numerous websites. 

Whether that is downloading new liveries, uploading and adjusting your setups and motec data, syncing your race calendars for both Low Fuel Motorsport and SimGrid events, or even tracking your stats for all the events you enter, Coach Dave Delta will become that place to access that in an easy to use interface.

What’s Included With The Beta Release? 

With that in mind, the key features we will be releasing are centred around making installing setups as easy as possible. We are conscious of how confusing it can be when downloading multiple zipped files and adding them to the correct folders. Delta gets rid of that by allowing you to install setups with just 4 clicks.

Simply login with Discord and you will then be greeted by your central dashboard. At this point Coach Dave Academy subscribers can then connect their account from the website and then instantly access the list of setups and motec data that are available in your subscription.

Setup Detail Window

With a simple Install button you can then install the setups that you need for your sim racing that day.

Customers remain at the forefront of everything we do at Coach Dave Academy, and this is exactly why we wanted to launch with this functionality first. We know how much of an important and requested feature this is, and we look forward to everyone trying it out. 

With the initial v0.9 beta release, we want to ensure the app runs smoothly for customers and if any issues are encountered, we can fix them swiftly.


As is the case with any project, a roadmap is very important to show the list of features planned and in what order of importance they are arriving. Below you can see that very roadmap for Delta and what you can expect from the app in the future: 

  • Sync iRacing Setups
  • Interface Updates
  • SimGrid calendar sync
  • LFM calendar sync
  • Driving data and stat tracking
  • Livery management

Downloading The App

Are you interested in the new beta release of the Coach Dave Delta app and want to find out more information? 

Delta has been co-developed by the teams at SimGrid and Coach Dave and will be available for download below.

If you buy something from a Coach Dave link, we may earn a commission.

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Looking for super fast ACC car setups?

Gain the upper hand with super fast Assetto Corsa Competizione setups, developed by Pro Sim Drivers.

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Introducing Coach Dave Delta
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