Upping our game in iRacing

We are making some major updates to our iRacing setup offering. Including lap guides, live broadcasts and more!

The majority of our audience at Coach Dave Academy are ACC players. But many of you are also iRacers. We know this from deep interactions with our subscribers, from reading tweets and emails, as well as private and public Discord chats.

Since August last year we have been selling iRacing setups by applying what we know from ACC and bringing that over to the most popular sim in the world.

But… frankly… it hasn’t been enough. We could do better and we should do better. And that is what this newsletter is about.

We have been working flat out behind the scenes to totally reshape our iRacing business so that we can bring you more content, ahead of time, that is developed by the best in the industry.

So, here are some of the big updates that you can look forward to from today:

  • Brand new iRacing setup drivers and coaches 🚀
  • Weekly lap guides by the Pros 📺
  • Weekly live broadcasts of our Setup Sessions 🛠
  • Much much more… 🚦

🚀 Boosting our iRating

The first thing we have done is recruit new iRacers to our team that have experience in setup development and also race at the highest level. I would like to introduce:

  • Corentin Guinez – with an iRating over 7900… seven thousand nine hundred… and multiple iRacing Champion in various classes and championships.
  • Mikkel Gade – an animal of an iRacer with an iRating of 9000+. Winner of the 2021 Porsche Supercup Championship, 2021 Sebring 12 hour and 2022 Daytona 24 hour.
  • Suellio Almeida – one of the best iRacing coaches and setup drivers in the business. 2019 iRacing Formula 3 World Championship and 2021 Porsche eSports Sprint Challenge Canada Champion. iRating? Over 7000. Suellio will first focus on lap guides and coaching.
  • Bart Horstein – Real life British Formula 3 and Formula 4 driver who spends 6 hours a day on iRacing. Already an established driver in our Coach Dave Setup Team.
  • Manu Rey O’Largo – 4x Spanish League Champion in iRacing with Odox Motorsport and winner of the iRacing Touring Car Challenge with an iRating over 7000.

Working together with dedicated engineers, our driving roster now boasts the depth and talent of any iRacing setup shop in the world. Not only that but we are still the only setup shop out there that pairs drivers with qualified engineers.

📺 Weekly Lap Guides by the Pros

Every Tuesday we will be publishing no less than two detailed 15 minute lap guides from some of our best iRacers and professional drivers – including Suellio Almeida, Yuri Kasdorp and DTM driver Kelvin van der Linde.

Watch our first iRacing lap guide right now with Suellio behind the wheel

We hope to bring you more lap guides from super star drivers and coaches every week. Don’t worry ACC fans, we will be bringing you lap guides in the coming weeks too!

🛠 Weekly LIVE Setup Sessions Streamed on YouTube!

I have saved the best for last, for the first time ever we are going to give you a fly on the wall view of our setup sessions which will be broadcast every Wednesday on the Coach Dave YouTube Channel.

Starting tomorrow at 3pm CET you will be able to watch and listen-in to the incredible detail and focus that our engineers and drivers put into each and every setup produced by The Academy.

Best sure to tune in live tomorrow and gain insight that is unique in the sim setup world.

🚦Of course there is more…

  1. iRacing setups will now be launched every Monday, at least 24 hours ahead of your first weekly race.
  2. Hot laps will also be published on Monday, way ahead of time.
  3. We are Developing a brand new easy to install Setup App (that will will with ACC too).
  4. dedicated iRacing newsletter every Tuesday.
  5. We’re not just doing more videos but also building a new writing teamdedicated to iRacing tutorials.
  6. A brand new Coach Dave iRacing Championship hosted on SimGrid… soon™

Our ambition is not only bring you the best setups by the best drivers and engineers, but also to help you improve as a driver and give you insight into how setups are developed.

Watch our first lap guide right away and don’t forget to join us live tomorrow for the first ever LIVE Coach Dave setup session! And of course… if you want to go faster in iRacing… well you can by subscribing here.

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iRacing car setups?

Gain the upper hand with super fast iRacing setups, developed by Pro Sim Drivers.

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iRacing car setups?

Gain the upper hand with super fast iRacing setups, developed by Pro Sim Drivers.

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Upping our game in iRacing
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