Delta 2.0

Your very own Performance Engineer

Remove the mystery and unlock lap time with Delta 2.0. The sim racing companion app that is your setup, lap time, and race engineer.

$10.99 / month
$109.00 / year
Air Temp


Do deep comparisons between cars before you decide on which one to use in competition. Remove the guessing game from the BOP game.

Lap Times

Go into granular detail with lap times, and the circuit conditions associated to your performance.


Instantly gain access to the setups you need, when you need them, for both iRacing and ACC.

Pro setups,
automatically installed

Professionally developed setups, installed automatically the moment you enter a session. There is nothing else like it.

$10.99 / month
$109.00 / year
Open Delta
Simply open the Delta App and leave it running in the background on your PC.
Open Game
Open AC, ACC, LMU or iRacing and start selecting your favourite car and track combination.
Enter a session
Dive into an offline or online event with any track or car combination and Delta will magically add the setups to your sim's folders.
Select your setup
Head over to the setup page and simply select your Coach Dave setup without having to manually install anything.
Hit the track
Once your setup is selected and you've adjusted your pressures and fuel, you are ready to hit the track. It is literally that easy.

“Coach Dave Delta is like Trading Paints for setups, but better!”


Now Le Mans Ultimate Compatible

Coach Dave Delta is now officially compatible with Le Mans Ultimate. The official simulator for the World Endurance Championship.

1000+ Pro Setups

Instantly gain access to the setups you need, when you need them, for both iRacing and ACC. Professionally developed by Coach Dave Academy drivers and Engineers.

Automatic Tyre pressures

When competing in ACC, Delta automatically detects track conditions and adjusts your tyre pressures before you exit pitlane. Delta is your tyre mechanic too!

Data, Videos, Documentation

Delta goes beyond supplying setups. Every car and track combination includes driving data, setup notes and hotlap videos that you can use to learn, improve and lap faster.


“What a wonderful offer! You guys have been killing it with so much value for this subscription!”


“I really like what Coach Dave Academy is doing. Delta has made stuff so much easier compared to everything else.”


“It's beautiful to just load in and do my session, without worrying about manually installing setups!”


“Just getting into Racing. I joined CDA and was able to take 1.5 to 2 seconds off my best GR86 VIR lap time using the setups.”


“I gotta say, you are more engaging from a customer service standpoint than many large multi-national companies are. Hats off to you and well done!”


“Normally I don't "advocate" for setups and software outside of our partners, but Coach Dave is the real deal. Been loving using Delta for iRacing.”


“CDA setups will make you incredibly fast, you may need to modify little thinks like brake bias but overall is more than worth.”


“I gotta say, you are more engaging from a customer service standpoint than many large multi-national companies are. Hats off to you and well done!”


“The automation of it all makes it easy to use. The included track maps, Popometer and Motec data give me lots of means to improve myself. Thumbs up from me.”

Widgets that help you find lap time

Delta offers an array of elegant widgets designed to provide a crystal-clear summary of your racing performance. These tools not only show your lap times but also explain the key factors behind them, empowering you with insights to refine your skills and achieve better results.

Lap Times

Simplify your progress tracking with clear, easy-to-scan sector and lap time displays, highlighting your fastest laps in each stint for quick analysis and improvement.

Lap Conditions

Track key metrics like lap validity, track conditions, and fuel usage with the lap conditions tracker to refine your strategy and boost performance.


Enhance your racing experience by connecting Delta to your SimGrid account. Gain insights into where you stand between your friends, and teammates.


Delta maintains its user-friendly setup approach, automatically installing your preferred car and track combinations when you enter a session. Access Setup Notes, Hotlaps, Popometer, and Motec Data, ensuring you have all the essential tools at your fingertips.


Delta's handling widget allows you to instantly assess car handling, clearly illustrating oversteer and understeer at all speeds. Revolutionise setup work by providing fast and easy insights into car dynamics.

Tyre Pressures

Delta's live tyre pressure feature updates after each lap, providing session averages. This enables you to quickly assess if your tyre pressures are optimal. Make swift adjustments for better handling and performance.

Driving Accuracy

Precisely track your driving accuracy by distinguishing between valid and invalid laps. This key indicator of skill and precision aids in enhancing your consistency and improving lap times.

Fuel Estimator

Delta introduces an intuitive fuel estimator that calculates your fuel needs based on practice session consumption. Enhanced with quick duration buttons for on-the-fly calculations.

Stint Times

Get a comprehensive overview during each stint, displaying your best, average, and optimal laps. This feature offers a quick and clear indicator of your performance from one stint to the next.

Session Summary

Get an overview of your best lap and driving time. Perfect when trying to hit your training targets.

Session Overview

Delta's interface offers a detailed yet easily glanceable overview of track conditions, like weather, temperatures, grip levels, and track wetness.


“Such an amazing product. I'm so grateful to have found such a helpful service for sim racing.”


“The guys from Coach Dave Academy went really far with their new offer which is super complete and very attractive. I really feel that what I pay is worth it.”


“I continue to discover new strategies with setups among multiple platforms. Delta is a MUST HAVE if you enjoy racing.”

Connect to SimGrid and unlock a whole world of competition

For the first time ever Delta now enables you to connect your SimGrid account, making it possible to track upcoming races, your grid rating and compare your lap times against friends, team mates, and your competition.

Race Schedule

Never miss another race again as your upcoming events on SimGrid are listed in Delta as soon as you open the app.

Grid Rating

Link your SimGrid account to Delta for real-time updates on your grid rating, which automatically adjusts based on the simulator you're driving.

Stint Times

Gain valuable insights into the top-performing laps set by you, your friends, and teammates.


Gain access to over 1,000 expertly-crafted products, including every car and track setup released by our team of professional sim racers and qualified engineers.

Never Lift Course

Unlock the fundamental rules of driving, improve your lap times, and take a huge step in consistency.

10% off Coaching

Get a 10% discount on expert one-on-one coaching, exclusively for subscribers. Group sessions coming soon!

SimGrid Pro

Connect to your account to SimGrid and unlock all the Pro SimGrid features like Performance Analysis and driving statistics.

Track Maps

Use Coach Dave's highly detailed, and accurate, track maps to make notes of where you are gaining and losing time. Essential for recording improvements.

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Coach Dave Delta

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Access to our entire setup collection and more…

$109.00 / year
$10.99 / month
$109.00 / year
$10.99 / month
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Probably the best value in sim racing?

Delta App
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$109.00 / year
Coach Dave Delta


We have a lot planned for Coach Dave Delta. Below is a preview of what you can look forward to.

v2.0.0 - Windows 7+ Compatible
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