Delta 2.0 FAQ

With the release of Delta 2.0, this document provides answers and information to the key features implemented by the update.


When you first launch the Delta app with the new update after logging in, you will be first greeted with the new homepage. Here is where you can select the sim that you currently want to use with the central tiles. To access your profile, you now click on the top right where your Discord icon is and select “settings”. 

On the left hand side, you will see the normal “sim icon” shortcuts that we had previously, but now we have three additional icons. These are: 

  • “Session History icon” where you can see a list of all previous captured sessions. 
  • “Never Lift icon” which you can click to be instantly directed to the Never Lift homepage on the Coach Dave Academy website 
  • “Setup Help” icon, which directs you to the new setup self help homepage on the Coach Dave Academy website, which includes features such as Coach Dave written tutorials, naming conventions and more 

New Session Screen 

After clicking on your chosen sim tile and have joined an in game server. You will then have access to the same features as before. Your session will start, the track, car and conditions will be identified, and your setups will be auto installed if the database recognises a populated combination. 

What is different is the location of these widgets, the session information now in the top left, the type of session directly underneath in “disc” format, car information on the right and your installed setup accordion now on the right hand side. 

What’s New? 

This is where things now start to be radically different. In the central area, once you have  completed an out lap on track, your stint history will start to be populated with new widgets and features, tracking lap time information, important car parameters and driver inputs. See below an example screenshot of this in progress

New Widgets 

Fuel Calculator 

The new fuel calculator widget that sits down in the bottom right hand side is there to assist you with the fuel you need for the stints in your active session. Using your session average fuel consumption and session average lap time, it will then calculate the fuel you need for the amount of laps or duration that you set it to. 

Be aware the amount of fuel the widget suggests is accommodating a formation lap and 1 extra racing lap to ensure you never run out of fuel. 

We recommend doing at least 4-5 laps in the stint to ensure your average lap time and fuel consumption are allowed to normalise to your current active consumption and pace. 

Driving Accuracy

The driving accuracy widget gives a percentage score to the user based on the amount of valid laps vs invalid laps the driver achieves in a stint. The greater the amount of valid laps the driver achieves, the greater the percentage it shows. The gradient changes from red, to yellow to green the higher the number. This is always based on the total laps set by the user in a stint. 

Total Fuel Used

This widget simply uses the fuel used per lap in the active stint and adds those figures together to ensure you have an accurate figure for the amount of fuel you have consumed on that particular set of laps. The more laps you do, the greater that number will be. 

Optimal Lap

The optimal lap time from a stint which is generated using only the sectors from your valid laps.

Best Lap

The best lap achieved in a stint. 

Average Lap

The average lap time achieved across all valid laps in a stint. 

Session Information

This widget showcases all the information related to track, time of day and conditions of the active server you are driving in. The widgets look slightly different based on the sim you are driving. Notably the raindrop icon:

  • In iRacing this highlights the current humidity of the session. 
  • In ACC this highlights the current rain intensity in the session. 

Underneath that information we also have an active session “disc”. As you progress through the sessions in the server, the previous sessions data can be accessed at a later date by clicking back on them. 

SimGrid Leaderboard

The Leaderboard widget is split into two areas. The top section is there to show the current top 3 lap times achieved for that specific car and track combination on SimGrid. The section underneath shows your friends lap times from SimGrid for the same track/car combination 

Car Behaviour Widget (ACC Only)

The car behaviour widget utilises the following features in ACC:

  • Steering angle applied by the driver 
  • Yaw angle of the car 
  • Slip angle of the tyres 

Using the above 3 parameters, Delta is able to generate an exact breakdown of the car behaviour on that current stint and visualise it via this widget. This car behaviour is broken down into low speed and high speed. The threshold is 120 km/h, so anything under is low speed and anything above high speed. 

The greater the understeer or oversteer detected via reading the above 3 parameters, the line in the widget will be further away from the centre line. A perfectly neutral car will be centered in both columns for example. These readings are taken across all laps of a stint and averaged out to give you a “stint average” behavioural trait of both car and setup that you are driving at the time. This allows you to understand how to tweak the setup or adjust your driving on a broad scale. 

Tyre Pressure Widget (ACC Only)

The tyre pressure widget visualises the tyre pressures of the active stint. Under pressured the tyres will show a blue line, green when they are in the optimal window and red when over pressured. 

These pressure readings are an average across the whole stint. This means it will take 3-4 laps to give you a very accurate reading as the cold pressures from the garage adjust out on track each time you cross the line. This widget is best used on a longer race stint where you want to see how your tyres performed across multiple laps. It will aid in understanding whether or not the cold pressures across the stint were too high or too low. 

Known Issues 

There are a couple of known issues that we are actively aware of and will be implementing fixes for in the days after release, these are: 

  • Laps registering as 0:00.000, specifically during outlaps in iRacing and when laps are penalized with a black flag or slow down.
  • The option to view your history in the new interface, which we plan to launch in the near future.

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You can buy the Delta subscription to access all the new Delta 2.0 features today by clicking on the button below:

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Delta 2.0 FAQ
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