All of the biggest news from the iRacing 2022 S2 Update

iRacing 2022 Season 2 is here! With it comes new tracks, new cars and of course a whole new schedule. Let’s dive into the changes.

12 weeks on from our first installation of the 2022 iRacing seasons, and yes, you guessed it, 2022 S2 has landed. After the first quarter of the year, iRacing is back with 6 brand new cars and 2 new tracks. After 7 days of Week 13 shenanigans, let’s learn a little more about the newest iRacing build as we go racing for the start of the season.

The newest cars to the iRacing lineup

After seeing the introduction of 3 new cars at the start of 2022 S1, iRacing has gone and doubled that number as we head into the second season of the year. The iR-04, Aston Martin Vantage GT4, Hyundai Veloster N TC, the NASCAR Buick LeSabre and the pairing of Stockcar Brasil beasts all join the squad. Let’s find out a little more about what makes each of these additions so so special.

Formula 4 is here with the iRacing Formula iR-04

The iR-04 is the newest vehicle in iRacing’s ever-expanding open-wheel lineup. Aimed to be a universal spec Formula 4 car, you’ll be able to get a taster of what is often drivers’ first step into open-wheel racing. The iR-04 has the typical winning combination when it comes to racing – low weight, high grip. Used in series such as F4 UAE and British F4, the Formula 4 replica car has all of the features and precision you’d expect from iRacing and is sure to provide you with one of the purest racing experiences.

Making its entrance to the sim with its own series, you can take it out for some single-make fun as soon as the season gets underway. Just like the Aston Martin Vantage GT4, Hyundai Veloster N TC and the Buick LeSabre, it comes with the new damage model already installed.

Aston Martin introduces its GT4 challenger with the Vantage GT4

Adding to the two existing GT4 cars in iRacing, the Aston Martin Vantage GT4 aims to challenge the Porsche Cayman GT4, BMW M4 GT4 and McLaren 570s GT4 at the top of the class. Used in many special events hosted on the iRacing platform, GT4 cars are a staple of long-distance multiclass racing, so another car on the list is always a plus. 

Not only is the Aston just another GT4 car though, but one of the most successful in recent years. 2020 saw the car waltz to its first championship in the IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge Grand Sport and has remained at the front of its class since, picking up multiple wins since. The roaring twin-turbo V8 engine is sure to give you a fantastic GT4 experience.

The TCR pack expands with the Hyundai Veloster N TC

The Hyundai Veloster N TC is the second Hyundai to join iRacing’s TCR grid in two seasons. Feeling and looking pretty alike to its Elantra counterpart, the new Veloster is just as much fun to hoon around a tight and twisty track. Although technically the predecessor to the Elantra, it still shares Hyundai’s TCR success in real life, running alongside it in the IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge to this day. Expanding the TCR grid is something we can never complain about, as the equally, if not better handling, Hyundai Veloster N TC hits the track today.

Stockcar Brasil comes to iRacing

Announced by Brazilian Indycar champion Tony Kanaan, we’ve got another new series on the block with the latest iRacing build. The Stockcar Brasil Chevrolet Cruze and Toyota Carolla are bringing the premier South American series to the forefront of the sim, as the two V8 powered beasts hit the track. No ABS, no traction control, limited push-to-pass usage and 450 horsepower, the Chevrolet and Toyota offerings aren’t so popular amongst racing drivers in Brazil for nothing. 

Getting your hands on either car in time for its new series in 2022 S2 wouldn’t be a bad choice at all if you’d like a no-assists beast to take to the track.

The NASCAR Buick LeSabre hits the track

The somewhat legendary 1980’s NASCAR Buick LeSabre is headed to iRacing after over a month of teasing, making it the third entrant into the 1987 NASCAR series alongside the Chevrolet Monte Carlo and the Ford Thunderbird. Taking victories at Talledega Superspeedway in ‘86 and Daytona in ‘87, the Buick became synonymous with success in the two years it was in action. In typical iRacing fashion, it’s a pleasure to drive, and for the oval fans out there is a great option to expand your NASCAR foray. 

Two new tracks are ready to be attacked

Along with the 6 new cars for the start of the season, iRacing has blessed us with two brand new tracks – both of which are worlds apart from each other. With one a winding Aussie Supercars favourite and the other an American midwest dirt oval, the two new circuits are suited to wildly different cars.

Winton Motor Raceway brings more Australian racing to iRacing

Situated in Victoria, Australia, Winton Motor Raceway is a staple of the Australian V8 Supercars championship, after making its debut on the calendar in 1985 whilst still named the Australian Touring Car Championship. Steeped in the history books and renowned for holding the only race of the series without a Holden on the grid, it’s known for more than one reason. 

Now, you can get your hands on it in all of its laser-scanned glory. 12 corners over 3 kilometres, Winton is a tight and technical circuit that will be great fun in the likes of a TCR car or, obviously, one of iRacing’s Australian V8 Supercars. Appearing in multiple series’ on this season’s calendar, you’ll have a blast taking anything small and nimble around here.

If you do want to check out the schedules for this season, you can take a look at them here.

Federated Autoparts Raceway at I-55

One of America’s favourite dirt tracks, the Federated Autoparts Raceway, is a great place for a bit of oval fun. 19 degrees of banking on a ⅓ of a mile course, the circuit has had many appearances from professional drivers seeking some dirt racing. Missouri’s finest dirt oval is now available for you to take on, whether it be in any of iRacing’s array of dirt challengers. 

Physics updates head the way of GT3s

Whilst new cars and new tracks snatched the headlines, the much-loved GT3 class has received some tweaks. The main news is a more refined and up to date aerodynamic and tyre package, as well as some small adjustments to bring the cars in-line with more modern technicalities and BoP. Refinements such as how components of the cars can now aerodynamically ‘stall’ just add to the precision of the class.

What you definitely will notice is a general change in handling, as the cars, despite being a little slower, feel more planted and have better performance on the brakes. Overall, you could say they are now less of a handful than before and can take more of a beating. 

The tyre update will mean that the wild grip loss on cold fresh tyres is pretty reduced, whilst also heat spikes after slides/moments are lower, making the cars more driveable on the whole. Tyre wear is also a little different, but more details are sure to come to light as the season goes on! 

New setups are heading your way

The new season means new setups! Just like for 2022 S1 and 2021 S4, Coach Dave Academy will keep you up to date with weekly setup releases for many of your favourite series’. Our iRacing Setup Subscription, for only £7.99 per month, will give you access to our whole library of setups as they are released throughout the season, keeping you up to date and on the pace. But of course, if you only want setups for one of your favourite cars, you can always check out our setup bundles for the new season.

We’ve also got some exciting news here, as we are adding both the Audi RS 3 LMS and the Hyundai Elantra N TC to our setup library! Included in the setup subscription and as their own setup bundles, you can get more out of your favourite TCR cars with our new setups.

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All of the biggest news from the iRacing 2022 S2 Update
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