The Complete rFactor 2 Track List

rFactor 2 has a whole plethora of high-qualit tracks,whether it’s through the base game or paid DLC. So, let’s explore them!

rFactor 2 is known for its massive variety of tracks. While many of these are mods, there is a wealth of tracks available either through the base game or paid DLC. In this article, we explore these tracks in a little bit more depth. Whilst most of these tracks can be found either on the Studio 397 website or the Steam storefront, others are available through the Steam workshop.

The Tracks

Adria Karting Raceway – Available as KartSim Adria or as part of KartSim Esports Pack

Adria is a swift blast where you push your kart to the absolute limit. To succeed, you need to be able to make the most of your sliding and bouncing around the kerbs.

Alaharma – Available as KartSim Alaharma or as a part of KartSim Esports Pack

This is a very technical track with a figure-eight layout and a lot of camber in the corners. It takes a lot of guts and a bit more than talent to master your racecraft around this track.

Apple Valley Speedway

Based off of Auto Club in Fontana, you have three layouts at your disposal for this track. You have a fast superspeedway oval, a tricky and flat interior road course, and a “roval” that uses about half of each.

Atlanta Motorsports Park

This track is a lot of fun with challenging corners made even more challenging by camber and gradient. Get ready to push any car to its absolute limit around here. There’s also a similarly challenging karting circuit if you want to try your hands at karting while you’re there.

Autodromo Nazionale Franco di Suni

Mores is an entertaining short circuit, which makes the most of the terrain around it to create an awesome short circuit. It’s a lovely little club circuit, something that comes up a lot on this list.


Australia’s most famous track is here in all of its glory. You have a 2014 version available to you in this title, courtesy of former developers ISI. It’s still the same beast as we’ve all come to know and love, though!


Botniaring is a bit of a hidden gem of a track. Its flat profile is quite deceptive, with some corners carrying enough banking to make any car feel like it’s on an oval. It takes a while to learn this track but, once you do, it’s very rewarding.


Based on the famous Darlington track, this oval is slightly tighter at one end compared to the other. To best this track, you have to be able to both run low in the corners and up at the wall on the straights without earning a lovely stripe down your car.

Brooklyn Street Circuit – Available as New York E-Prix Track

Situated right in the bay of New York City, the Brooklyn street circuit is as arduous as it is picturesque. Three hairpin-style complexes are complemented by tight 90-degree right handers and a fast chicane to make up this track.

Buckmore Park – Only available in the KartSim Esports Pack

A classic of British karting, Buckmore is made up of flat-out sections broken up by right hairpins. Only by roaming around it do you get a sense of why people enjoy it so much.

Circuit de la Sarthe – Available as Le Mans 24h

For endurance racing, it doesn’t get any more iconic than Le Mans. With rF2’s version of the track, you’re also pitting yourself against the best in the world in the title that plays host to the official Virtual 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Circuito Cittadino dell’EUR – Available as Rome E-Prix Track or as part of Formula E Pack

Fight like a gladiator on the streets of Rome, but luckily there won’t be any manhole covers to watch out for like in the real world of Formula E. A couple of hairpins and some tight complexes are broken up by faster stretches with a lovely open hairpin at the Attack Mode point.

Eagle Creek

Another old ISI track, this oval is based off of the real-world Kentucky speedway. To make the most of this speedway, you need to be as confident on the throttle as being able to lift off slightly at the best time.

Glan Y Gors – Only available in the KartSim Esports Pack

The open nature of this Welsh karting icon is incredibly deceptive. You’ve got a couple of hills that make an already-tricky combination of corners even more difficult.

Guapore – Available standalone or as part of Reiza Track Pack

Created by the wonderful Reiza, who have given us much entertainment with their Automobilista titles, this track gives you a feeling almost like being in AMS. Maybe it’s because Guapore is in their game, maybe it’s the character of the track giving something enjoyable for rookies and experts alike that makes this one stand out.

Hong Kong Central Harbourfront Circuit – Available as Hong Kong E-Prix Track or as part of Formula E Pack

We’d argue that this is the most challenging of all the Formula E tracks available to rF2 racers. Tight chicanes and even tighter hairpins are broken up by lengthy straights that provide brilliant overtaking opportunities. This track isn’t for the feint-hearted!

Ibarra – Available standalone or as part of Reiza Track Pack

The track map tells nothing near the full story with this track. On paper it looks like a fast set of straights broken up with technical yet fast-flowing sections in the middle. Instead, it’s a tight and narrow challenge where it takes that little bit extra to be able to make a move on your opponents.

Imola – Available standalone or as part of Reiza Track Pack

Imola really is an iconic track. It’s so iconic, in fact, that Reiza provided us with 4 different versions spanning the history of the track. From the present-day all the way back to 1972, you can try to take the original Tamburello flat or master the tricky chicane that stands there today.


If you’re looking for it, you can use the old 2013 version of the track. However, with most people now using the 2020 version, you can really feel the challenges on the various road courses as well as the iconic Brickyard oval.


Based off of the famous Daytona oval, Jacksonville is another classic track from ISI and the original rFactor. Lovingly reincarnated in rFactor 2, it makes another excellent addition to the roster.


This was one of my favourite tracks from the original rFactor, purely because of the chaos that’s made from having 20 or more cars running around this tiny oval. Facelifted but still as lethal, Joesville is still available to be enjoyed in rFactor 2.

Kristianstad – Available as KartSim Kristianstad or as part of KartSim Esports Pack

Krtistianstad is an almost non-stop track where each corner feels delicately crafted out of the terrain it sits in. You’ve got gradients, camber, and run-off to play with around this course.

Larkhall – Only available in the KartSim Esports Pack

Situated in Lanarkshire, Larkhall is a narrow-yet-fast track. One wrong move will put your kart into the nearest wall but, at the same time, you won’t even notice that the walls are there when you get the lap just right.

Lester Special Edition (Fictional)

A fun track around a dockyard that manages to be both wide and narrow, Lester opens up a lot of opportunities for a lot of different cars. Whilst the chicane on the front stretch will be a problem no matter the car, some of the wider parts of the track open up a bunch of different racing lines that can make any race exciting.

Lime Rock Park

An American classic with an extended paddock for garage spaces, you can enjoy Lime Rock in rFactor 2 with literally all of your friends. Send it over the scarily blind crest on the Classic layout, or make the most of the zig-zagging chicanes up the hill on the present-day version.

Loch Drummond

A fan-favourite in rFactor 2, this track features plenty of width both on the track and on the grass that lines it. With an amazing backdrop of the Scottish Highlands, it’s hard to believe that this isn’t a real race track.


Another one of those made-for-game tracks that is loved by the rF2 community, Longford is a street circuit that harks back to the old days of picket fences lining a two-lane country road. One wrong move and you’ll be punished incredibly harshly.

Lost Valley

rFactor 2 really isn’t known for its off-road racing. However, with Lost Valley, you have a sandy course through a desert to slide to your heart’s content. An old ISI track, it’s a shame there isn’t much more content like this in the game.


This is perhaps the oldest track provided to us by Studio 397, based off of the 2007 version of the track. However, with multiple variations of the iconic Sepang track, there’s a version of the track for everyone around here.


This 2015 edition of Suzuka, made by ISI, is one of the older tracks available for rF2. That doesn’t make it any less fun or challenging though!

Mills Metro

It’s possible to go around most of this track two-abreast. We wouldn’t recommend it but as a track that breaks up fast segments into neat portions dotted with chicanes and sweeping curves, it’s clear why so many enjoy it.

Monaco Grand Prix Circuit – Available as Circuit d’Azur

The most recent addition of the three tracks in the principality, having the current Monaco Grand Prix track is something that you won’t find in any other sim. Not only are the Formula machines as tricky as ever around here, it can also be an excellent challenge for GT racers.

Monaco E-Prix Track

No heroics into an even tighter Sainte Dévote here! This course utilises the second half of the famous Grand Prix circuit, the faster-flowing parts of Tabac and Piscine where you can go two or even three-wide.

Monte Carlo 1966

If you’re looking for a taste of classic Grand Prix racing, this old version of Monaco is a great place to start. Despite feeling a fair bit wider than the present-day renditions, in some places, this track is even trickier!


Whilst Malaysia is the oldest that Studio 397 includes in the base rFactor 2, Montreal is the oldest track developed for the game by original developers ISI. Based off of the 2000 version of the track, this version was very popular in the original rFactor and it’s still as enjoyable (albeit a bit outdated) in the current title.


Only recently released for rFactor 2, you can now experience the same fear iRacers and Assetto Corsa enthusiasts have when braking into the first corner. The Temple of Speed is now enjoyable in its full glory!

Monza 1966 – Available as Brianza 1966

Grand Prix Legends enthusiasts will remember the challenges that come from negotiating this famous track. You’ve got the Grand Prix layout we’ve come to know and love, the alternate version that included the old oval, and a nice little junior circuit too.

Mountain Peak Speedway

Based off of the ever-popular Charlotte Motor Speedway, the oval itself is a surprisingly quick blast of speed whilst the “roval” that it offers has a couple of extra challenges for anyone that dares attempt it. It also comes with its own karting track to complement a short “Legends Oval” that exists on the front stretch and an infield road course.

NOLA Motorsports Park

NOLA exists in a very interesting space. The one-time Indycar race host has several variations which include a fast left-right-left chicane and an entertaining triple-right-hander. For those who haven’t driven before, it’s a bit like if Sonoma didn’t have the scary rolling hills.

Northside International Raceway

Based off of the famous Richmond oval, you’ve got a unique kind of track here. Apart from the back stretch, the rest of the track is one long left-hander. A D-shaped oval in the truest sense of the word.


It’s a name as iconic as the two tracks that are available for rFactor. You’ve got the iconic Grand Prix circuit, as well as the daunting Nordschliefe. If you’re looking for an extra challenge, why not go for the Combined circuit for a taste of endurance racing history?

Palm Beach International Raceway

Palm Beach is a fun track that, like circuits such as NOLA, manages to do a lot with gradients on a very flat canvas. With chicanes that have small crests on them to a short but sweet downhill run to a fast left-hander at the end, it’s a track that’s stood the test of time.

Paul Fletcher International – Only available in the KartSim Esports Pack

PFI is a karting track that manages to present challenges despite its open nature. The figure-eight course invites you to take that extra piece of kerb as you slide between the late-lap hairpins and chicanes.

Portland International Raceway

If you like pushing Indycars to their absolute limit, this track is for you. It seemed like a ton of fun in the fast and open sections at the end of the lap, but seeing anyone try and take the technical first half any more than single-file is petrifying.


Based on the Estoril circuit that, until last year, was the most recent track to host a Portuguese Grand Prix, you have a good couple of versions of the classic track to make the most of. A tricky uphill complex that challenged the best F1 had to offer 25 years ago, or otherwise a sweeper around the complex that makes the final left-right all the more important.

Québec SuperKart

Studio 397’s own karting offering is very unlike the likes that you’ll find in KartSim. With a good couple of different layouts on offering, there’s a version of this track for everyone as you’re not only navigating kerbs and walls but also the barriers that make each layout its own unique challenge.

Riyadh Street Circuit – Available as Diriyah E-Prix Track

Imagine racing around a UNESCO Heritage Site, just for a second. That’s what Formula E has done since it started racing on the Riyadh Street Circuit. There are some pretty tight corners to negotiate, a fair bit of elevation, as well as a long straight or two that conclude in tricky braking zones.

Sao Paulo

The Interlagos track is available to you with a 2013 scan. A bit more abrasive than the current-day version, this will be incredibly treacherous in the iconic changeable conditions.

Sardian Heights

A legendary track from the original rFactor, this is a track that has even found itself well-loved in the rallying community after being ported to Richard Burns Rally. You’ve got two layouts to make use of here, a short circuit that is wide but still challenging and a longer layout that utilises a tighter hairpin and tunnel section.

Sebring International Raceway

Feel the bumps at this iconic airfield through one of the best tyre models out there. Sunny Sebring is as challenging as ever and it’s available to you in rFactor 2 as DLC.


A track that’s been with rFactor 2 throughout, but also recently updated, enjoy the best that British motorsport has to offer with Silverstone. You’ve got a few layouts to make use of as well, with different pitlanes at your disposal for GT racing and Formula racing.

Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps

It’s very surprising, but the famed Spa was only recently added to rFactor 2. However, it’s the most recent version of Spa that you will find in any simulator. Enjoy sending it through Eau Rouge and up Raidillon in the best that the game has to offer!

Spa 1966 – Available as Belgium 1966

Again, this is a track for the classic Grand Prix enthusiast. From the town of Francorchamps to the town of Stavelot and back, enjoy blasting through the Ardennes in a version of Spa where the track is entirely a street circuit!

Tempelhof Airport Street Circuit – Available as Berlin E-Prix Track or as part of Formula E Pack

An airport that left its mark on history for its use to bring supplies to Berlin in the height of the Cold War, this track has played host to many Formula E races including the final 6 rounds of the 2019-20 season. It has a great blend of fast sweepers and slow, technical sections that make it as much fun in tin-tops as it does for Formula E machinery!


Some say that this old airfield is iconic for a figure-8 track loved by viewers the world around. Others say that the developers also threw in a couple of extra interpretations of the airfield for drivers to enjoy. All we know is that a tamed racing driver will be able to make the most of this course.

Toban RP

A fan-favourite from the original rFactor lovingly recreated for rFactor 2, Toban has the feel of a grassroots club racing track whilst also being incredibly tricky and complex. With downhill hairpins, chicanes and some more fast-flowing sections, you can see why it’s so enjoyed!

Virginia International Raceway

Often seen as the American Nürburgring, VIR is one of the biggest challenges in Stateside circuit racing. Grass lines the track throughout and one step too wide around this lengthy track is enough to send you spinning off into the distance.

Wackersdorf – Only available in the KartSim Esports Pack

One wrong step here and you’re almost certainly in a wall. However, when it’s just you and the kart on this track, these obstacles are much less inviting as you focus on how to make the most of the wide kerbs on entry and the bountiful run-off on exit.

Whilton Mill – Only available in the KartSim Esports Pack

Whilton stands out from a lot of its British compatriots as, whilst it is also line by grass on both sides of the track, it also has brief stretches of run-off that you can use to your advantage. The fastest lap here doesn’t keep itself between the white lines the whole time.


You’re in for a real treat with this Dutch legend. Not only do you have an older scan of the track like in Assetto Corsa Competizione and iRacing, you also have the only up-to-date version of Zandvoort that features the daunting new banked sections.

Zuera – Only available in the KartSim Esports Pack

Zuera is a track where it’s slow at one point, only to pick up the speed dramatically afterwards. Chicanes lead to hairpins which lead to straights, but they do it in a way that feels very natural.


So, there it is! rFactor 2 certainly has its fair share of circuits, and they are all brilliant picks. With such a wide variety, you can take your favourite car around almost anywhere, and don’t forget, you can also get your hands on modded content. If you want to take to these tracks yourself, SimGrid has just recently become multi-platform, so check out our website to see what communities are hosting the rFactor 2 event for you.

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