Under The Hood: Tips and Tricks to Driving ACC’s Audi R8 LMS GT2

The Audi R8 LMS GT2 is one of the class’ most competitive options, but how can you master it?

Audi is not shy about getting stuck into sports car racing, the German manufacturer keen to leave its mark on GT competition in particular. Even though it has shuttered its customer racing program ahead of its planned Formula 1 entry in 2026, many of its ultra-successful R8 GT3 and GT4 machines will remain on track in 2024.

This article will look at the third of its R8 racing vehicles, the R8 LMS GT2, which was recently released for Assetto Corsa Competizione as part of a six-strong GT2 pack

Introduction to the Audi R8 LMS GT2

Making its debut in the 2021 motorsport season, the R8 LMS GT2 is the most powerful customer racer ever produced by Audi. The car is built to GT2 regulations, which aim to attract gentleman drivers with more powerful vehicles twinned with less physically-intensive downforce levels with a simplified aerodynamic package compared to its GT3 sibling.

Despite featuring slightly less power than GT2 spec cars, GT3 models are still able to produce superior lap times as a result of their extra downforce. GT2 cars are quicker on the straights though due to having less drag and more power.

The R8 LMS GT2 has proven itself to be one of the most competitive propositions within the Fanatec GT2 European Series across the past few seasons. It has secured all three of the Pro-Am titles contested, as well as the 2022 Am championship.

The R8 LMS GT2 is eligible for any events that feature the GT2 class within Assetto Corsa Competizione, though the best way to find a competition to run it in is by visiting The SimGrid, where you can use the search bar to find GT2 races based on single-class or multi-class formats.

The Basic Car Setup

The mid-engined R8 LMS GT2 shares a similar car balance to its GT3 relative, arguably the closest of all the GT2 machines. While the relative lack of downforce makes it less agile in high-speed bends, the weight being biased in the middle of the car ensures it has good mid-corner rotation. The R8 also tends to understeer on corner exit.

Any driver that tries to jump on the power too early will lose a significant amount of momentum, and therefore time, as they’ll need to jump on and off the throttle and brake. To combat this, ensure the R8’s nose is pointed firmly at the corner exit before bleeding back onto the throttle.

From a setup perspective, winding the brake bias rearward can help tuck the nose of the car towards the apex, allowing you to get on the power earlier. Tweaking the aero balance towards the front will help reduce the high-speed corner exit understeer, though going too far can cause the car to become snappy and unstable.

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Aerodynamics and Bodywork

Along with the extra power created by the V10 in the R8 GT2 compared to the GT3, its lack of downforce is one of the bigger differentiators between the two. Audi’s engineers have done an excellent job in keeping the balance of the vehicle as close to the GT3 machine as possible, though the difference in high-speed cornering ability is stark.

Part of this characteristic is made clear through its aforementioned understeer on the corner exit, but another is under braking. The R8 GT2 moves around significantly more under heavy braking, making it imperative to scrub off the right amount of speed before tipping the machine into the bend. 

Not achieving this can cause the car to snap sideways when releasing the brakes when turning, costing time and momentum.

Steering and Cornering

Much like the R8 GT3 Evo II, the R8 LMS GT2’s mid-engine configuration commands the driver to maximize mid-corner speed. Braking earlier is crucial to this driving style, as to turn in and maintain a high mid-corner speed the car needs to be stabilized. When this is achieved, the R8 GT2 rewards its pilot with an impressive amount of momentum through and out of the corner.

  • Softer suspension setup compared to GT3 cars allows kerbs to be attacked more aggressively
  • Overdriving corner entry will negatively affect mid-corner speed, reducing overall advantage over rival vehicles that make their time on the straights
  • Remember the corner exit, maximise mid-corner while also setting the car up for a strong exit to carry you to the following bend.

If you fancy brushing up on your driving technique before tackling the new GT2 machines, why not try Coach Dave Academy’s Never Lift guide? The guide features all the advice and tricks needed to fully realize your potential behind the wheel. 

Power Delivery and Braking

The Audi R8 LMS GT2 features an upgraded version of the ABS and TC systems found in the R8 GT4 machine. These systems are fully adjustable like the GT3 and GT4 versions, allowing the driver to increase or decrease the amount of electronic resistance under acceleration or braking.

As a rule of thumb, the grippier the track the lower the setting you need, and vice versa. The more grip there is, the easier it should be for the driver to put the power down or brake without risking a lock-up. Therefore higher settings are not needed and can cost the driver valuable lap time due to restricting the car’s performance.

The naturally-aspirated 5.2-litre V10 motor – the same basic engine featured in its GT3 and GT4 counterparts – produces a similar engine note and behaviour. The extra power in the GT2-spec powertrain means it’ll be easier to spin the rear wheels up, though TC is there to help should you initially struggle in this area.

  • The smooth torque curve afforded by the naturally aspirated engine ensures no nasty surprises when getting back on the power
  • Advanced ABS and better-balanced mid-engine layout mean the R8 GT2 remains stable under heavy braking compared to other GT2s

Final Thoughts

The Audi R8 LMS GT2 is one of the easier GT2 cars to control, giving the popular Maserati GT2 a run for its money in this department. The driver needs to maximize its mid-corner advantage over the significantly more powerful Mercedes and Porsche models, but it’s a rewarding drive should this be achieved.

The fact it’s one of the closest in driving style to GT3 vehicles makes it a great choice for less confident drivers looking to learn the ropes of ACC’s newest class. It allows its pilot to understand what a GT2-specification car demands, the valuable experience hopefully affording the confidence to try some of the more unique machinery within the category.  

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Under The Hood: Tips and Tricks to Driving ACC’s Audi R8 LMS GT2
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