What has changed in ACC with Version 1.8?

Version 1.8 of Assetto Corsa Competizione dropped last week, and has brought some huge changes, from new physics, to a brand new car.

A major physics update, graphics performance improvement and a brand new car alongside the 2021 BoP. These are just some of the updates that Version 1.8 introduced to Assetto Corsa Competizione. Released on Wednesday the 24th of November, it can already be defined as one of the biggest updates the sim has received so far. Let’s break down all the changes and additions to see what’s new in ACC. 

BMW M4 GT3 as free content and the 2021 BoP

With a new season of GTWC Eu, comes a new balance of performance to bring the cars up to their realistic performance, in ACC, known as the Open Series BoP. Currently matching GT World Challenge 2021 season, it will now be used as the base of multiplayer BoP. While it is too early to give some final thoughts on it, one of the main talking points will be how the just-released BMW M4 GT3 will fit with the other cars on different tracks with this BoP. It’s still very new to the game, however, first impressions are certainly strong! Even in real life there is very little data of the new car from the German manufacturer, so, for this reason, some future tweaks might be required, but only more accurate testing will give a final answer.

However, there is no doubt this car has been implemented incredibly well. It comes with all of the precision we have come to know from Kunos Simulazioni, and it certainly looks the part too! It’s a great platform to work with, but, we’ll be delving more into the new BMW M4 later this week here at Coach Dave Academy. 

New tires model and physics update

Tires have been the focal point of the physics update. A completely new model has been launched, affecting the driving style as well. The tyre model has been revamped, as well as tweaks to the suspension, all making your experience far more accurate. Compared to the previous version of the sim, tires look more sensitive about pressures and finding a good compromise might now require some extra work. 

Although the feeling behind the wheel might have not changed much compared to the previous version, the physics update has been quite huge. Lap times have gone up as a consequence of some exaggerations in the driving style not being permitted anymore. This is not something to be worried about: they will eventually come back down again after a couple of weeks of grinding and getting used to the new physics. All the small tweaks put together focussed on adding richness and detail to the driving feel, in order to get one step closer to reality. The changes brought by Kunos Simulazioni to Assetto Corsa Competizione had an impact on setups as well.

Graphics and photo mode update: DLSS and FSR are now available

Assetto Corsa Competizione has also got a massive update on the graphics performance side. Nvidia Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) is now available for compatible GPUs (RTX 20XX series or newer), while AMD Fidelity FX Super Resolution (FSR) has been added for all GPUs. Both DLSS and FSR can be enabled from the video settings in the in-game menu, guaranteeing more FPS and accessibility to the game. And yes, they work in triple screen and VR, two modes that in the past might have suffered on ACC if not backed by high-efficiency hardware.

Last but not least, photo mode has been refreshed as well. TV, cinematic and free cameras have been revised to make the most of the updated Unreal Engine. Depth of field effects has been improved, giving the chance to racers to get an even better screenshot of their favourite cars and tracks combos. 

New liveries from the 2021 season

Version 1.8 of Assetto Corsa Competizione has not only focussed on technical updates, but also on aesthetics. All of the 2021 entries, drivers and teams of the GT World Challenge Europe have now been added to the simulator. A nice and welcome refresh to the simulator, especially for the offline experience racing against the AI. All the new liveries from the current season are available and ready to hit the track! 

How Coach Dave Academy will approach these changes

Some fine-tuning is needed to make “old” Coach Dave Academy setups work perfectly in this new version, however, they are very much still a solid base to work from. The first reason behind this is the new tires model, which, as mentioned, requires some more testing to nail pressures. Brake duct settings have also got an update, so tires and brakes might overheat with older setups: opening up brake ducts with just one click should do the job. Finally, tire management might require some tweaks to the camber settings, especially for longer races, as extreme values aren’t quite as viable as they used to be.

The previously listed changes are a good way to make currently existing CDA setups work even better than they already do. But this is just a provisional solution. Following update V1.8, CDA will release completely new setups, built from scratch. The wait will not be long: thanks to the addition of drivers and engineers to the team working behind the scenes, setups will be ready by mid-December. Coach Dave setups v2 are going to be available to buy in dedicated bundles and existing customers will benefit from a massive discount – the launch of the first packs is just around the corner.

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What has changed in ACC with Version 1.8?
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