Holiday Season Begins With Week 12

Week 12 of LFM Season 12 has now been launched by Coach Dave with the latest Meta setups for our 6 supported cars.

We mark the final week of the current LFM season with the release of the latest LFM Meta setups from Coach Dave. The team has worked very hard in the previous days to provide week 12 setups before they broke up for the holidays. They can be installed on Delta right now.  

We return to Spa this week, with flavour being added in the form of Kyalami to keep you on your toes. Want to see how our drivers stacked up compared to each other with the current BOP? Then make sure to check the table out below 

Week 12 BOP Table

*(Please note that the setups were created with the BOP ballast figures before the week 12 deadline due to holiday constraints and therefore might be slightly out compared to the final figures from LFM)

Cars TracksBOP Ballast (KG)*Lap Time 
BMW M4 GT3Kyalami111:39.902
Ferrari 296 GT3Kyalami-71:39.945
Porsche 992 GT3RKyalami-101:39.705
McLaren 720s EVOKyalami-191:39.562
Lamborghini EVO 2Kyalami121:39.867
Aston Martin V8 GT3 Kyalami91:39.760

Coach Dave Popometer Data Subscription

You can find the full week 12 LFM updates on the Coach Dave Data Subscription for Popometer through the following link:

Want to know what the Subscription does? 

You can find more information right here:

Watch The Hotlaps Now 

You can find the hotlaps for all of the cars for this week’s combinations below. Want to know how the drivers nailed Radillion, or took Cheetah at Kyalami? Watch how our drivers tackled them to get the lap times they achieved.

McLaren 720s EVO 



Ferrari 296 GT3



Porsche 992 GT3R






Lamborghini Huracan GT3 EVO 2



Aston Martin V8 Vantage 



Coach Dave LFM Meta Setup Recap

What Do I Receive With These New Setups?

These new LFM setups will be created with the custom BOP applied. Trending away from what we normally do, these setups will also be created with all the meta trends applied, which means the setups will be both aggressive and tricky to drive. We are gunning for overall lap time and therefore offer a completely different dynamic to the other CDA4 setups we already offer to customers.

Included then for each series are as follows: 

  • 1 Qualifying Setup 
  • 1 Race Setup 
  • Motec data of the fastest lap 
  • Onboard lap posted on YouTube 
  • Popometer data package for the fastest lap 

Supported Cars 

We now have 6 supported cars that have the highest entry statistics so far for season 12 on LFM. This means we will be doing setups for the following cars: 

  • Ferrari 296 GT3 
  • McLaren 720s GT3 EVO 
  • Porsche 992 GT3R 
  • BMW M4 GT3 
  • Aston Martin V8 Vantage 
  • Lamborghini Huracan GT3 EVO 2 

These 6 cars make up the highest number of race entries so far this season and they will receive setups for both the Coach Dave Sprint Series and the SimRace Shop series. 

What Is The New Naming Convention? 

Given these new Meta setups follow a very different philosophy to our existing setups, they will also have a slightly different name in Delta. We will be dropping the version number from the name and the variant. This is because they will be constantly changed and updated based on the LFM calendars and physics updates. 

The naming convention example then is as follows: 


The M stands for “Meta”, which will allow customers to distinguish it from the normal CDA4 setups. It will look like this in Delta:

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Holiday Season Begins With Week 12
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