Wet Setups For Nordschleife Are Here

A big bumper release for both Nordschleife and the Mustang as wet setups are now live for both in Delta. Drive them today.

We have a nice surprise for you this week as the ACC setup team have been working hard to create a new batch of wet setups for all the GT3 cars at the Nordschleife and also completing a wet setup package for the Ford Mustang GT3 for every track.

Wet Setup Nordschleife Table

CarHeavy RainMedium RainQualifying Rain
Aston Martin V8 Vantage9:08.8778:46.6728:43.182
BMW M4 GT39:10.7608:46.4528:43.140
Ferrari 296 GT39:08.9028:48.5128:44.877
Porsche 992 GT3R9:10.1958:50.6628:45.957
McLaren 720s GT3 Evo9:14.2178:50.2228:45.167
Mercedes AMG GT3 Evo9:10.0478:47.0558:43.110
Lamborghini Huracan GT3 Evo9:12.0008:49.0378:45.890
Bentley Continental GT39:07.9978:44.4708:41.762
Honda NSX Evo9:15.4858:52.8378:48.052
Lexus RC F GT39:09.9678:48.1808:43.960
Nissan GTR Nismo9:10.4278:49.8028:46.182
Audi R8 LMS GT3 EVo9:09.9478:45.9608:41.900
Ford Mustang GT39:09.8558:47.1858:43.042

Wet Setup Hot Lap Playlist

We have compiled an entire playlist dedicated to the wet setup times at the Nordschleife for you to feast your eyes on.

Ford Mustang GT3 Wet Setups

There will be 4 types of wet setups available for the Ford Mustang, including heavy rain, medium rain, a qualifying rain and the Nordschleife setup (See above). We don’t create a light rain setup as the dry setups are still optimal in this scenario.

To create the baseline wet setups for the Ford Mustang we used Barcelona as the circuit and these wet setups will work at every race track in ACC. Here is the table for reference at Barcelona:

CarHeavy RainMedium RainQualifying Rain
Ford Mustang1:58.6521:52.8371:53.052

Ford Mustang Popometer Runs Finished

Find out more right:

Popometer Data Packs


You can find more information right here:

LFM Meta Setups For This Week – Mustang Joining

All LFM Meta Setups are live on Delta for this week. We didn’t actually need to change many setups to cater for the BOP as LFM have visited the two tracks this week quite recently. So it didn’t warrant a full announcement on Tuesday but your setups are ready to go at Spa Francorchamps and Paul Ricard!

In addition, from next week we will also be doing Mustang LFM BOP setups when they are needed as LFM adjust the BOP over the coming weeks.

We had to adjust two setups which are follows:

CarTrackLap Time
McLaren 720s GT3 EvoSpa2:15.517
Mercedes AMG GT3 EvoPaul Ricard1:52.320

LFM Hot Laps Live

McLaren 720s GT3 Evo

Mercedes AMG GT3 EVo

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