What’s new in iRacing 2024 Season 3?

It’s that time again! iRacing 2024 Season 3 has been released, bringing with it a selection of new cars, tracks and important tweaks to the integration of the Tempest weather system.

The 2024 Season 3 update to iRacing is headlined by exciting new cars and tracks, alongside tweaks to the Tempest weather system. The overhaul is smaller than the last rain update, but it offers enough new content and improvements to keep drivers engaged. Highlights of this update are two new GT3 cars (Ford and Corvette), new road circuits (Navarra and Sachsenring) and rain tyres for several popular sportscars.

As always, the Coach Dave Academy’s team remains dedicated to providing professional iRacing setups and weekly tutorials, along with lap guides and previews for the special events scheduled over the upcoming season.

Two new GT3 cars

Two new US-based GT3 cars have arrived: The Ford Mustang GT3 and the Chevrolet Corvette Z06 GT3.R. Both cars have recently joined the IMSA SportsCar Championship, and it’s fantastic to see iRacing expanding their car roster in line with the real-life series.

The Mustang GT3 was scanned back in March and is a long-awaited addition to the simulator. Powered by a 5.4 litre naturally aspirated Ford Coyote V8 engine, this car is a joy for front-engine GT3 enthusiasts.

It drives like a hybrid between the BMW M4 GT3 and the Mercedes AMG GT3: it understeers on entry and has relatively poor mid-corner rotation, but it is good at attacking curbs. The Mustang is one of the fastest GT3 cars in terms of top speed, but it has high fuel consumption. It will be interesting to see what iRacing does to balance the performance of this car for special endurance events.

The Corvette is another significant addition, especially given its popularity in the real world. With a 5.5 litre LT6-based V8 engine, this stunning car feels more pointy and planted than the Mustang. The visibility is better, and it handles brilliantly, likely making it a better car for the 2024 Season 3 build.

  • You can hit the track with professionally developed setups for the new Ford Mustang GT3 and Chevrolet Corvette Z06 GT3.R in the IMSA Series and GT3 Sprint Series now with our iRacing Setup Subscription

Two new road circuits

iRacing has expanded its impressive roster of race tracks with the Circuito de Navarra in Spain and Sachsenring in Germany. Navarra is free for players with the base subscription, and Sachsenring costs 14.95 USD, the same as other circuits in the simulator.

Circuito de Navarra

The Circuito de Navarra is a relatively new motorsport venue in Los Arcos, Navarre. The main circuit layout features a 3.933km main track with 15 turns, including high-speed straights and technical corners. The circuit has hosted international and national motorsport series such as the FIA GT1 World Championship, Superleague Formula, FIA GT Series and the 24H Series.

The circuit has three configurations, allowing flexibility in hosting different races and events, but it’s better suited for slower cars. In iRacing it will be used for the Mazda Cup, GT4 Challenge, LMP3 Trophy, Formula 1600, Formula Vee, Formula 4 and other entry-level series during 2024 Season 3.


The Sachsenring circuit in Hohenstein-Ernstthal near Chemnitz is known for its challenging layout and rich history dating back to 1927. This track is a regular venue for major motorsport events, including MotoGP and DTM.

The Sachsenring is famous for featuring an eclectic mix of tight and sweeping corners, making it a technical and demanding circuit. Notably, it has a counterclockwise layout, which affects tyre wear and requires a unique setup style. The track is 3.671 kilometres long and includes 13 turns (10 to the left and only 3 to the right). 

One of the most exhillerating sections of the Sachsenring is Turn 11, a steep, downhill, fast and blind corner. Another interesting feature is Turn 3, a distinctive double-apex right-hander that demands precision and smooth throttle application to carry speed through the corner.

Updates for oval racing

The 2024 Season 3 update also brings new content for oval racing fans, including one new circuit, two new cars and aerodynamic changes for the NASCAR Truck Series.

On the track side of proceedings, Oswego Speedway, which is a short track in Oswego, New York, is a shiny new addition. This track was originally opened in 1951 and expanded to its current length of 5/8 mile in 1961. Oswego Speedway is particularly famous for its Supermodified racing, which features some of the fastest and most powerful short-track cars worldwide. The track costs 14.95 USD in iRacing and includes two configurations, the 5/8 mile and 3/8 mile.

The two new cars are both street stocks: the Casino M2 and Eagle T3. They have the same power and weight but feature slightly different body kits, meaning they can be raced alongside each other in the rookie and D-license Street Stock series. Plus, if you buy one for 11.95 USD, you get the other for free! We have actually created an extensive guide covering the two new streets stocks in detail which you can read here.

  • Coach Dave Academy will continue to provide short oval setups in 2024 Season 3 through our close collaboration with Team 53

Updates for the Tempest weather system and other changes

Four new road car classes will now have wet weather tyres: the Mazda MX5, the entire GT4 field, the Ligier JS P320 and the Porsche 992 GT3 Cup. In addition, the dedicated Mazda series, the open and fixed Coach Dave Delta Porsche Cup series, the LMP3 Trophy, the GT4 Challenge and the Sports Car Challenge will all feature wet weather racing in Season 3.

Improvements are also coming to the wet weather tyres for the GTP class and lockup behaviour as a whole. iRacing developers acknowledged that racing in the rain with LMDh challengers has been challenging, and they have worked to make it more enjoyable.

Further enhancements to game stability in the rain are promised, along with separate qualifying and race weather conditions teased for events like the Indy 500. 

Coach Dave Academy’s plan for 2024 Season 3

We are excited to introduce setup coverage for a new Advanced Mazda Series and two new GT3 cars: the Corvette and the Mustang. Additionally, we will be bringing back many of your favourite series and special events across the sports car and open wheel disciplines! 

For oval racing fans, Team 53 will also be returning to assist Coach Dave Academy with short oval setups for another season.

As usual, we will provide our weekly lap guides for a variety of series across 2024 Season 3 on the Coach Dave Academy YouTube Channel, which continue to complement our packages of professional setups and data packs. 

  • To learn more about what we will be up to throughout 2024 Season 3, check out our blog post here

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What’s new in iRacing 2024 Season 3?
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