The Best Monitor Stands for Sim Racing

If you’ve got your hands on a Sim Racing monitor, in all likelihood you’ll need a monitor stand too. So, here are our top recommendations!

Let’s say that you’ve just invested in a new monitor. Perhaps it’s one we’ve recommended as one of the Best Sim Racing Monitors. However, you haven’t thought much about where these monitors are going to go. Perhaps your rig doesn’t have any attachments for a monitor. Perhaps you only use a desk to mount your wheel to, a desk which is cluttered with other peripherals like your mouse and keyboard. In that case, a monitor stand might be the thing for you. 

What should I look for in a Monitor Stand?

Before you purchase your monitor stand, you will need to consider the following:

  • Your Monitor. Monitor stands vary as much as the monitors themselves. You will need to make sure that the stand can comfortably fit your size of monitor or monitors.
  • Type of Mounting. Some monitor stands will hard-mount to a wall, some will mount to a desk or rig and some will be free-standing from the floor. As a result, you will need to think about which kinds of mounting you are able to do.
  • Your Environment. How big is the room that your rig is in? Do you race from the same spot that you do when you’re browsing the internet, reading the latest releases from the Academy? These questions are ones you will need to answer when finding the most suitable and appropriate monitor stands.

Do monitor stands work with any monitor?

If you’ve been in the market for a new monitor we’re sure you will have found a huge variation in results. They come in all shapes and sizes, quite literally. Whether it be curvature, size, or width, each monitor will have some variation in either of these three departments, meaning they need their own specific type of stand to support them. You won’t be able to put a curved ultrawide monitor on a small standard width stand and so on, so you’ll need to look for more specific stands for your monitor.

Single-Monitor Stands

This section will look at monitor stands for users that run a single monitor or an ultrawide monitor. With a variety of mountings and layouts, these are the best of the best for those starting out with a single-monitor setup.


PRO SIMRIG monitor stands are built to stand separately from the rig, and this PRO SIMRIG monitor stand is built for a single monitor. Separated stand-alone monitor stands (rather than connected to the rig itself) avoid vibrations that come from the rig, an issue which is particularly prominent if a direct drive wheelbase is used. As a result, the monitor stand is flexible and adjustable both in height and width for your needs with it being disconnected from the rig.

This particular monitor stand from PRO SIMRIG comes with a whole host of useful quality-of-life features: it is sold in both a light version if you have monitors under 32” and a heavy version if you have monitors over 32” in size, and if you currently race on a single monitor but are thinking of updating to triple screens, you do not need to search for a new monitor stand because this one is upgradeable to a triple monitor stand with the PRO SIMRIG upgrade kit for triple monitors.

Sim Lab Single Monitor Stand

A free-standing monitor stand, Sim Lab’s Single Monitor Stand can accommodate almost any monitor or television screen. At around $200, it is adaptable and adjustable and can attach to most sim rigs which means that there’s something for everyone in it. This means that you don’t have to worry about any issues with the stand being a separate entity as it can fit seamlessly into your sim racing solution. 

It is also quoted as being able to support any size of monitor too, meaning that it will be usable if you have a 16:9 monitor as well as an ultrawide monitor.

However, it does require users to have a large designated area to support a large free-standing monitor stand. The size of the stand also means that, if you are not attaching it to a rig, it can be difficult to move the stand with a monitor attached to it due to the size and weight of the two components combined.


At a slightly higher price point than Sim Lab’s alternative, the Track Racers 8020 single Monitor Stand is far more rigid with a thicker, higher grade of aluminium in its construction. This would be useful for sim racers whose rig is separate from the main part of their computer as it means you can race in comfort knowing your monitors are secure. It is suitable for monitors between 24 inches and 80 inches in size, meaning that most single-monitor solutions are supported by this stand.

However, some compromises are made with this purchase. As with the Sim Lab Single Monitor Stand, it is still a large stand by necessity and, as a result, will be difficult to move in small and cramped spaces. Another issue that the Track Racer 8020 single monitor stand has is a lack of castor wheels meaning once monitors are attached you will struggle to move it around and it is not attachable to a sim rig without making large-scale compromises.

Pro SimRig Single Monitor StandMost affordableLight & heavy versions depending on monitor size
Can upgrade to support triple monitors
Rigid and not on rollers so would be hard to move with monitors attached
Sim Lab Single Monitor StandMiddle groundSuitable for any screen sizeTakes up a lot of space and is difficult to move
Track Racer TR8020 Single Monitor Stand Most expensiveVESA Mount for up to 80-inch monitor Takes up a lot of space and difficult to move

Triple-Monitor Stands

Running a triple-monitor solution often comes with its own unique challenges. These can vary from the monitors that you’re running to the angle that you want the monitors to be at. As a result, you need a monitor stand that can mount various monitors in various positions whilst keeping at an even level to immerse yourself fully in the experience.


Priced at over $350, the PRO SIMRIG quad monitor stand bundle is the best value-for-money option on this list. 

With this monitor stand bundle from PRO SIMRIG, you get a triple monitor stand that is exactly like the single version. The benefit of a stand-alone monitor stand (rather than connected to the rig itself) like this one is that, as touched on earlier, they avoid the vibrations that come from the steering wheel and pedal inputs.

From PRO SIMRIG, as well as a standard three-monitor mounting option, you also get a top-mounted add-on for an extra single monitor to tower above the triple screens you use for racing – something often used to display extra features or applications.Exactly like the single monitor stands from the PRO SIMRIG range, it also comes in light or heavy versions depending on your monitor size and can handle almost all monitors on the market right now.

Sim Lab Triple Monitor Mount

Coming in at £228, Sim Lab’s Triple Monitor Mount is similar to their Single Monitor Stand that we’ve already discussed in our earlier section. Freestanding but able to be attached to most rigs, it allows for variability and versatility in terms of monitor spacing and monitor angles. The angles can be set between 40 and 75 degrees, with monitors between 19 inches and 45 inches supported on the stand.

On the other hand, like with the Single Monitor Stand, it is difficult to move the Triple Monitor Mount if needed. However, this is amplified further with the Triple Monitor Mount as it is a larger and heavier product. This means that it is the best product for someone who is likely to only use it at their rig, unless their rig moves easily.

Trak Racer Cockpit-Mounted Triple Monitor Stand

Clocking in at £254, Trak Racer’s Cockpit-Mounted Triple Monitor Stand is designed to be attached to vertical supports on almost any sim rig. This means that the monitors are likely to be closer to you when you are sat at your rig. In turn, this can help you by allowing for more options in rotation angle and field of view to better immerse yourself in the sim racing experience. It can also support monitor sizes up to 45 inches, similar to the Lim Lab Triple Monitor Mount.

The downside is that, whilst it is designed to be suitable on most rigs, it is only usable if you have one of these rigs. The mounting pattern means that you will need to account for the width of your rig as well as the height and rig of your rig and hardware components so that your monitors don’t touch your wheelbase.

PRO SIMRIG quad monitor stand bundleMiddle groundGreat value bundleTakes up a large area & difficult to move
Sim Lab Triple Monitor MountMost affordableAttachable to most rigs
Able to stand freely
Takes up large area & difficult to move
Track Racer Cockpit-Mounted Triple Monitor StandMost expensiveMost compact solution
Allows for greater variety in settings
Only mountable to compatible rigs
Rig setup may be compromised to fit monitors

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