5 tips and tricks to nail the rain in iRacing

Here are the 5 tips and tricks you need to nail wet weather driving in iRacing.

Driving in wet conditions can be one of the most challenging yet exhilarating experiences in iRacing. Mastering the art of wet weather driving requires a unique set of skills and strategies to navigate slippery tracks, reduced visibility and dynamic conditions, so let’s explore what you need to know to be fast in the wet, focusing on the car setup, driving tips and race strategy. 

Whether you are a seasoned racing enthusiast or a rookie, these tips and tricks will help you conquer the rain and elevate your performance on the track.

1. Adjust your setup

Using the right setup is one of the most critical aspects of wet weather driving in iRacing. Unfortunately, the fast setups for dry conditions you accumulated over the years may not be the best for the rain. 

The easy changes to optimise performance in wet conditions are increasing ABS and TC intervention to compensate for the lower grip. You can use wet ABS and TC settings on some cars to prevent wheels from locking up or losing traction on slippery surfaces. If you don’t have either in-car aid at your disposal, such as in the new Super Formula Lights car, consider moving the brake bias rearwards to avoid frequent lockups.

Overall, adjusting these settings will significantly improve handling and stability in the rain, especially over standing water. You may prefer having more control over the car’s handling, which could lead you towards lower TC or ABS settings, however, greater electronic intervention can often act as a final safety net when on the edge in difficult conditions.

In addition, many cars benefit from softer suspension in wet conditions. It is usually beneficial to remove some of your car’s sharpness, creating a more forgiving driving experience where you can flirt with the very limits of grip without being quite so close to finding yourself facing backwards. Explore available springs and damper settings in practice if you expect rain to last the entire race. 

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2. Keep your inputs smooth

Driving smoothly and precisely is essential for maintaining control and reducing the risk of losing grip on a wet track, especially if you’re racing in a transitionary period between conditions. You should avoid sudden and aggressive inputs on the throttle, brakes and steering in the rain and favour gradual inputs, allowing the tyres to maintain grip by easing the car through weight transfers. 

Smooth inputs help prevent the wheels from locking up or sliding, improving the overall stability of the car and the control you have over it. You should always focus on maintaining a balanced driving style, especially when navigating corners and braking zones. 

Overall, you don’t want to be forcing the car into these points of weight transfer in a manner that it doesn’t have the grip to deal with – it’s always best to listen to the tools beneath you around the lap and adjust your inputs accordingly. With smooth and precise driving techniques, you can navigate challenging weather conditions with confidence and skill.

  • If you want to learn more about the fundamentals of wet weather driving in iRacing, check out our guide here.

3. Explore alternative lines

One of the defining features of wet weather driving of iRacing is the accurate simulation of grip on and around the rubbered line: the racing line becomes more slippery as the water accumulates on the track so you will be forced to look for alternative lines. It is essential to explore alternative racing lines that offer better grip and stability to be fast in the rain. 

Look for areas of the track that are less rubbered in and more textured, such as on the outside of the dry racing line or towards its inside under braking. These alternative lines may provide better grip and allow you to maintain higher speeds through corners because they aren’t coated in rubber which becomes slick when it’s wet.

In practice sessions, you can experiment with different lines to identify the optimal path for navigating wet tracks, but beware that this may change from session to session. Always be on your toes and on the lookout for the best racing line – those who are confident and creative are almost always the fastest in the wet.

  • Do you need more help finding your footing in the wet? Make sure you check out our long-form YouTube guide with professional racing driver Bart Horsten now.

4. Manage visibility in spray

Spray is another incredibly realistic feature of iRacing’s rain simulation. Visibility is significantly impaired in wet weather conditions when following other cars and only gets worse in faster vehicles because they displace more water and throw it up into the air.

To manage visibility effectively, anticipate braking zones and adjust your position on the track accordingly. Move to clearer areas of the track before braking or entering corners to maintain a clear line of sight and avoid potential collisions. 

You should also utilise trackside markers and reference points to navigate through limited visibility conditions, allowing you to maintain control and make informed driving decisions. You can enhance safety and performance in wet weather by managing visibility and adjusting your driving approach.

5. Think about race strategy

Wet weather racing requires adaptability and strategic planning to maximise performance and minimise risks. Due to the accuracy of iRacing’s Tempest weather system, you must be hyperaware of your surroundings, how the conditions are changing on track and how the weather may change in the coming minutes or hours. Always monitor weather updates during the race to make informed decisions about tyre selection, fuel management and race strategy.

In endurance races, make sure to plan pit stops and tyre changes based on weather forecasts and track conditions, thinking far ahead to when rain could come so that you aren’t caught out just after a pit stop. The worst thing you can do when rain is on the horizon is react slowly or indecisively – that will only hinder your ability to make significant gains in the race’s most critical moments.

Final thoughts

Mastering wet weather driving in iRacing requires practice, adaptation and attention to detail. You can tackle challenging conditions and enhance your performance on the track with the right setup and driving techniques. Remember to experiment with different racing lines, adjust your braking technique and stay vigilant of changing track conditions.

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5 tips and tricks to nail the rain in iRacing
5 tips and tricks to nail the rain in iRacing
Here are the 5 tips and tricks you need to nail wet weather driving in iRacing.
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5 tips and tricks to nail the rain in iRacing
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