December 2, 2020

Understanding the Coach Dave Academy File Name Structure

Naming our setups is not an easy task, especially as updates and physics changes are made. To help you understand what each setup file name means, we have documented it below:

With console and PC copies of the game now on the same game version, the below is relevant for BOTH PC and Console customers of Coach Dave Academy who use Assetto Corsa Competizione. 

The Coach Dave Academy Standard

V1.9 Onwards – CDA4 GT3 & GT4 Cars

The following is the naming convention we will be using on V1.9 of ACC for GT3 and GT4: 

  • CDA4 – V1.9 version number 
  • M4 GT3 – Example car name
  • BAR – Example track abbreviation
  • RS – Safe setup
  • RF – Fast setup
  • Q – Qualifying setup

Setup name examples include:

  • Fast: CDA4 M4 GT3 BAR RF04
  • Safe: CDA4 M4 GT3 BAR RS04
  • Qualifying: CDA4 M4 GT3 BAR Q04

The version number at the end of the setup file, like the Q04 or the RS04 examples you see above, is in reference to the date of creation. The later the number the newer the version that setup was created and released by Coach Dave Academy. 

Example: CDA4 M4 GT3 ZOL RF01

CDA4Coach Dave Academy V1.9 Setup
M4 GT3Model Designation
ZOLThree letter track abbreviation
RF01Race Fast version 1

Jardier Naming Convention 

Just like our own existing setups in Coach Dave Delta right now, the brand new Jardier setups will follow a similar naming convention for each track. This is as follows: 

  • JARDIER – Signifying it’s a Jardier community setup 
  • R – Signifying it is a race setup 
  • Q – Signifying it is a qualifying setup 
  • Dry – Signifying it is a dry setup 
  • Wet – Signifying it is a wet setup 
  • 01/02 – Signifying the version of the setup 

Setup naming examples in Delta: 

  • JARDIER R Dry 01 
  • JARDIER Q Dry 01 

The basis for whether it is a race or qualifying setup is just determined by the fuel load that was saved by Jardier at the time of the setup being made. They could be used for both race and qualifying. 

JARDIER Signifying it’s a Jardier community setup 
RSignifying it is a race setup
Dry Signifying it is a dry setup
01 Signifying the version of the setup

Coach Dave “M” Setups

Given our new Meta setups follow a very different philosophy to our existing setups, they will also have a slightly different name in Delta. We will be dropping the version number from the name and the variant. This is because they will be constantly changed and updated based on the LFM calendars and physics updates. 

Kunos BOP Setups

We break the meta “M” setups into two different categories. We have meta setups for some cars that have been created on the base Kunos BOP. We also have “M” setups that are created weekly for supported cars for the daily LFM series. These have an added prefix at the end.

The naming convention example then is as follows for the Kunos BOP: 

  • CDA M M4 GT3 BAR Q
  • CDA M M4 GT3 BAR R
CDA MCoach Dave Academy Meta Setup
M4 GT3Model Designation
BARThree letter track abbreviation
Q/RQualifying/Race setup – Kunos BOP

The M stands for “Meta”, which will allow customers to distinguish it from the normal CDA4 setups.

LFM Meta Setups

As mentioned above, the LFM setups that are created on the ever evolving LFM BOP have a different prefix attached to their “M” setup. Any time you see an “LFM” prefix at the end of the setup, you know it has been created on the latest LFM BOP currently in use for that track.

The naming convention example then is as follows if LFM BOP is applied to the setup: 

CDA MCoach Dave Academy Meta Setup
M4 GT3Model Designation
BARThree letter track abbreviation
Q/RQualifying/Race setup
LFMSetup has been created on the latest LFM BOP

Wet Setups 

Some setups, particularly Wet Setups, contain different abbreviations in their name. This simply indicates the difference in conditions for that configuration of the setup.

MED WET Medium Rain Conditions 
HVY WETHeavy Rain/Flooded Conditions 
MED WET QMedium Rain Qualifying Setup 

Example File Name: 

Heavy Wet: CDA4 296 BAR HVY WET 

Medium Wet: CDA4 296 BAR MED WET

Qualifying Wet: CDA4 296 BAR MED WET Q

Single Make Cars 

List of the following single-make cars: 

  • BMW M2 CS Racing 
  • Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo EVO 2
  • Ferrari 488 Challenge EVO 
  • Porsche 992 Cup 

For our single-make bundles for ACC, we have adopted a slightly different strategy compared to the GT3 and GT4 cars.

For each circuit, you will instead receive a high downforce, medium downforce and low downforce setup, along with its associated qualifying setup. The following table shows the naming convention for these. 

LDF Low Downforce Variant 
MDFMedium Downforce Variant 
HDFHigh Downforce Variant 
QQualifying Variant Of The Setup

How To Install The Setups 

If You Are On PC: 

Installing setups has never been easier with the introduction of Coach Dave Delta, your one-stop shop, companion app that takes the hassle out of dealing with setups on a daily basis.

Use Delta for every install, for every car, on every track. Delta will auto-install the setups you need when you join a session, including setting the right tyre pressures against the track temperatures.

If you are in qualifying, pick the Q setup from the auto-install, if you are in a R session pick the R setup from the auto-install, simple as that. The only thing to do is sort your correct fuel.

Have a read of our extensive ‘How To Use Delta Guide‘ if you do find yourself not understanding something. Remember Delta is free for anyone with an active setup subscription.

If You Are On Console: 

For console users, it is slightly different as Delta is only a PC-compatible app. But we still have you covered with the Coach Dave Academy console wizard.

Here is how to work with magic;

  • Browse the setup you want to import to the console and click the ‘Console Wizard’ button.
  • You will be presented with a new interface that takes you through each setting step by step.
  • You will now see both setup values listed on the screen in a similar structure to what you would see in the game.

If you are struggling still, do not worry. Why not take a look at our extensive ‘How to Install ACC Setups On Console‘, this should give you all the answers you are looking for.

You can also download your Coach Dave Academy setups and use the console ACC comparator tool so you can see the correct values for your setups.

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