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Take your Assetto Corsa Competizione performance to the next level with our competitive setups. Developed by top sim racers and engineers, they’re tailored to help you succeed in one of the world’s most popular sim racing games.
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“I just downloaded your Setup Bundle and had to pause halfway through my first race just to say thank you for a great product!”



Gain access to lap times, data analysis, and over 1,000 expertly-crafted products, including every car and track setup released by our team of professional sim racers and qualified engineers.


Single Setup Bundle

Access to the Setup Bundle for the car of your choice.

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Access to our entire setup collection and more…

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Remove the mystery and unlock lap time with Delta 3.0. The sim racing companion app that is your data, setup, lap time, and race engineer.

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Our new Data Analysis tools help you uncover insights in your driving and unlock faster lap times.


Instantly gain access to the setups you need, when you need them, for both iRacing and ACC.

Lap Times

Go into granular detail with lap times, and the circuit conditions associated to your performance.


“CDA setups will make you incredibly fast, you may need to modify little thinks like brake bias but overall is more than worth.”


“I gotta say, you are more engaging from a customer service standpoint than many large multi-national companies are. Hats off to you and well done!”


“The automation of it all makes it easy to use. The included track maps, Popometer and Motec data give me lots of means to improve myself. Thumbs up from me.”


“Such an amazing product. I'm so grateful to have found such a helpful service for sim racing.”


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Why use professional setups?

Focus driving

Gain Lap Time

Improve Tire Life

Win Races

Setup by Pros

No guessing

Constantly Improved

Backed up by Data

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How our setups
are created

At the Academy we make sure that every single setup we make is taken seriously. We use the best people we can find and stick to strict rules on quality. Our setups focus on engineering norms and avoid game exploits. Drivers and Engineers are paired up for months to ensure clear communication that leads to reliable car setups.

Real Engineers

All the engineers who work on Academy Setups are qualified or real world engineers with experience in Sim Racing and Real Racing to make sure we stick to the fundamentals of car setup. We rely on expertise, data and live video to make the best setup decisions possible.

Professional Sim Drivers

There are no volunteers in our team, instead paying the very best drivers we can find who understand what it means to create car setups that work for drivers of all skill levels. Accurate feedback and consistency is valued over fast lap times and big egos.

6 Hours of live testing per day

Setup teams work 5 days a week, for 6 hours per day, working on individual car/track combinations during each session. All sessions are streamed live so that fellow team members can join in and contribute during a project.

Blind Testing and Reviews

Before signing off on a car bundle, we hold a blind testing session amongst our drivers, randomly picking some setups for feedback. Setups are compared against game defaults, and previous versions, to ensure that what we’ve created is clearly a step forward.

Help and Resources

Install Setups

To download and install your ACC Setups you need to install our Delta App which makes setup management a super easy.

ACC Hotlaps

Watch all the fastest laps set by our professional ACC drivers on our dedicated YouTube Hotlap channel.

Lap Guides

If you're looking for season specific lap guides you can find them on our Academy YouTube channel.

ACC Tutorials

Looking to learn more about ACC? Check out our Tutorials section which covers track, car, setup guides and way more.

Motec Data

Learn how to download, install and use Motec data so that you can discover how to match our pro drivers with your new setups.

Setup Starter Guide

Learn everything you need to know about setups in ACC with our Setup Starter Guide Tutorial.

World Class Support

If you require some help and support with your setups then please join our popular discord server where the Coach Dave team can help you out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our setups can be installed in two different ways.

If you are a subscriber we recommend using our Coach Dave Delta app for Windows. Read about installing the app here.

If you are a bundle owner then you can read this tutorial about downloading and installing the setups from your Coach Dave account.

Lastly, if you are a console user we have a special app called Console Wizard which you can read about here.

Yes, ACC setups will be updated whenever the Kuno’s dev team make major changes to Assetto Corsa Competizione.

Our policy on charging for setup changes is the following:

  • Minor physics updates are free.
  • Tire model updates are paid for.
  • New content, like new tracks and cars, are paid for.

More details about our update policy.

You will be notified of updates via email, Discord and our blog.

Tyre pressures change every session based on ambient and track temperature as well as track state (green, fast, optimum). We recommend that in a dry optimal qualifying and race session that you aim for a tyre pressure range of 27.5 – 28 psi. For wet tyres the pressure range slightly increases and your aim should be 29.5 – 30.5 psi.

Read more here about using the correct tire pressures in ACC.

Brake pad 1 and brake pad 4 compounds offer the same braking performance and efficiency when the brakes are optimal temperature. Brake pad 4 however has much worse pedal modulation, is exceptionally hard wearing and they have worse performance when the brakes are just outside their optimum working range. For almost any qualifying situation brake pad 1 is superior and more consistent.

Through personal experience here at Coach Dave Academy we recommend running brake pad compound 1 for any race that lasts up to a 60 minute period. Please bear in mind that brake longevity is very dependent on car choice and driving style.

Through personal experience here at Coach Dave Academy we recommend that any race spanning from 90 minutes through to 12 hours that you use brake pad compound 2. Please bear in mind that brake longevity is very dependent on car choice and driving style.

Each car has a different fuel burn rate per lap so this is very car specific. Excluding your outlap, you should aim to have enough fuel to complete 3 flying laps in a qualifying run. Depending on the circuit, expect to have to put 15-20L of fuel in the car before you leave the pits.

Read more about fuel management and calculations here.

The peak reference lap times for each circuit you see listed are completed on ACC in hotlap mode, with a track temperature of 30 degrees running the qualifying setups included in your bundle.

The data runs that are supplied are a separate entity to the hotlaps listed on the website using the qualifying setup. So with all of our setup bundles, the motec file included with every circuit contains 3 consistent laps with race fuel (60-65L) onboard using the race setup where available.

This gives you a much better idea as to where the correct braking, acceleration and turn in points are on the lap. We took this decision a long time ago as pure 1 hotlap data files provide much less feedback and references for customers looking to improve their technique.

This is because being able to replicate the same inputs lap after lap are much more important than a single hotlap that has many more variables that in some cases cannot be replicated again and again.

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