Porsche GT3R Setup Updates Released

This week at Coach Dave Academy we have released the final updated CDA3 setups for the Porsche GT3R, our latest livestream, as well as a reminder about our latest companion app release, Coach Dave Delta.

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Porsche 991.2 GT3R Release Notes

Welcome to the Porsche GT3R release notes blog. In this page you will find the detailed notes compiled by the team after each session when creating the fast and safe variants of the new CDA3 Porsche setups. In addition, a complete list of the driver and engineer combinations for each track is present so customers can see which driver and engineer worked on that circuit when looking for setup trends.

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Huracan GT3 EVO CDA3 Bundle Released

For this weeks Coach Dave Academy release, Lamborghini Huracan GT3 EVO CDA3 updates are available in full bundle form. We also have our latest live setup broadcast on ACC as well as coaching discounts.

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