iRacing IMSA Setups for the Lamborghini Huracan GT3 EVO – Season 1 2024

Season 1 2024

iRacing IMSA Setups for the Lamborghini Huracan GT3 EVO – Season 1 2024

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Developed by professional sim racers and engineers, the setups included in this bundle are designed specifically to enhance your performance in the Lamborghini Huracan GT3 EVO in iRacing IMSA Season 1 2024.

*Track data is added each week


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Sync your setups with ease by simply selecting the setup folder in your game directory. No more downloading or unzipping files – just seamless setup syncing at your fingertips.

Real Engineers

We are the only setup shop in the world to pair our drivers with real life qualified engineers. They know iRacing physics and setups intimitately.

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We seek out the best iRacers in the business who are not just fast but also able to give accurate driver feedback that takes all skill levels into account.

Why use professional setups?

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How our setups
are created

At the Academy we make sure that every single setup we make is taken seriously. We use the best people we can find and stick to strict rules on quality. Our setups focus on engineering norms and avoid game exploits. Drivers and Engineers are paired up for months to ensure clear communication that leads to reliable car setups.

Real Engineers

All the engineers who work on Academy Setups are qualified or real world engineers with experience in Sim Racing and Real Racing to make sure we stick to the fundamentals of car setup. We rely on expertise, data and live video to make the best setup decisions possible.

Professional Sim Drivers

There are no volunteers in our team, instead paying the very best drivers we can find who understand what it means to create car setups that work for drivers of all skill levels. Accurate feedback and consistency is valued over fast lap times and big egos.

6 Hours of live testing per day

Setup teams work 5 days a week, for 6 hours per day, working on individual car/track combinations during each session. All sessions are streamed live so that fellow team members can join in and contribute during a project.

Blind Testing and Reviews

Before signing off on a car bundle, we hold a blind testing session amongst our drivers, randomly picking some setups for feedback. Setups are compared against game defaults, and previous versions, to ensure that what we’ve created is clearly a step forward.

Tracks & Lap Times

All lap times listed below were done during our qualifying simulations, you can view all the onboard laps via our YouTube Channel.

Week Track Lap Time
1 Canadian Tire Motorsports Park 1:15.7
2 Hockenheimring 1:37.2
3 Le Mans 3:54.8
4 Long Beach 1:18.6
5 Watkins Glen International 1:43.6
6 Daytona Road Course 1:44.3
7 Nurburgring Combined 8:23.5
8 Sebring 1:59.9
9 Mugello 1:48.6
10 Motorland Aragon 1:49.6
11 Circuit Gilles Villeneuve 1:35.4
12 Silverstone 2:00.0

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To download and install your iRacing Setups you need to install our Delta App which makes setup management a super easy.

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Motec Data

Learn how to download, install and use Motec data so that you can discover how to match our pro drivers with your new setups.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When you purchase your Delta membership, you get access to the following content in your account for each car:

  • Endurance setup (VRS only)
  • Sprint setup
  • Qualifying setup
  • IBT data from
  • In-game replays
  • Ghost laps from the testing session
  • Special event setups

To download the setups, all you need to do is download the Coach Dave Delta app from the main Delta landing page.

  • You can find all our onboard videos on the Coach Dave Academy Hotlap YouTube channel.
  • You can find all our lap guides on the Coach Dave Academy Lap Guide Channel

The server conditions are determined based on the current iRacing schedule and the stated conditions for all of the series each week. The team input the server conditions and then proceeds to join the server at least 5 times. This allows them to create an average to ensure the conditions the setups are created in are as accurate as possible.

Once you become a subscriber of Delta, you will immediately be eligible for free updates to your setups as and when iRacing makes substantial changes to the car/physics models that demand a refresh of the existing setups. 

All new content that is released will also be accessible to you as long as you are an existing and recurring subscriber of our service.

You can find updates to your iRacing setups in the Delta app. All setup announcements can be found on our blog and newsletter.

We took the decision to create the setups in 100% grip on our server due to the evolving conditions you would face in an endurance/sprint race. Most servers will be running with dynamic track selected and so the circuit will rubber up as time goes by. 

For that reason we thought it was best to optimise the setups on a track surface that would represent what you will experience in a longer endurance race.

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